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Product Marketing To Content Marketing: 3 Lessons To Learn

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, June 11, 2012
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Bangalore: Content marketers job is to think from a buyer's prospective and showcase the product in such a way that it appeals the target audience. In today's competitive market with the ever changing customer's needs and views, it is very difficult for content marketers to step in the consumer's shoes. For such scenario, taking a cue from their product marketing counterparts may seem wise decision.

There are lots of things that content marketers can take inspiration from product marketers; here are the 3 most vital aspects

1) Say No To "Contents In search of An Audience": Before deciding the content, the marketer should analyze, "Is the content created for interested audience, or to create interest in audience." Just like product marketing, the best content marketing is the one ,"that fills the real need of audience instead of trying to create an unwanted need."

2) Drive for Shorter, Fresher and More Visual impact: Any successful product in the market has some common qualities -its unique, cheaper and better looking than others. For a successful promotional content same philosophy applies. A fresh, crisp content with better visuals attract more attention than a boring common one. By letting audiences treat their senses with the advertisement undoubtedly yields enhanced response.

3) Confirming The Authority To Publish: The content may not necessarily revolve around the product, but the focus should be on issues related with the product in question. Before zeroing on any content, the writer must confirm if the organization have the right to publish that. Just because the content marketer finds some idea interesting, it does not necessary that audience will connect that to the promoted product.

Concept marketing needs plenty of creativity and presence of mind .No doubt, it is a tough call. But taking some help from product marketing will definitely make it uncomplicated to some extent.

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