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What Women Want from Employers: Randstad Survey

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, November 16, 2012
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Bangalore: As the workplace continues to evolve, more workers are not only taking on additional responsibilities, but many are learning skills outside of their traditional roles. Thus, it's not surprising that a newly released study today by Randstad US shows that flexibility and adaptability are two top skills women need to succeed in the workplace. Just over half of women surveyed, 51 percent, reported these skill-sets as one of the top two most important, followed by knowledge of technology (selected by 37 percent) and teamwork (selected by 35 percent), respectively.

In Randstad's latest Engagement Index study, women's insights and perspectives on work and employee engagement were highlighted, as well as how women viewed the economy's impact on their jobs.

•    While 57 percent of women said they expect to grow their careers with their current employers, 48 percent of women still plan to explore other options when the job market picks up
•    Forty-one percent of women noted they would give a lot of consideration to a job offer given to them by a different company or organization

"Women are taking on leadership roles and advancing to the top levels of organizations faster than ever before.  It is, therefore, critical that companies not lose sight of what it takes to successfully identify, retain and engage high potential women," said Linda Galipeau, Randstad CEO of North America. "We believe it is crucial for more executives, both men and women, to actively serve as sponsors for the next generation of female leaders. Not only is it essential for women to have access and visibility to senior executives, but it's equally important for organizations to have a clearly defined strategy for developing women for the top roles while ensuring they are willing and able to throw their hats in the ring when the time is right."

Other notable findings:

•    Sixty percent of women indicated that having their efforts valued and recognized is one of the most important elements. Only 63 percent feel that their efforts are, in fact, recognized and valued
•    Also ranking towards the top, 53 percent of women indicated that one of the key elements driving their commitment to their jobs is enjoying going to work each day
•    How can employers better engage their employees? Promotions and bonuses for high-performing employees, according to 39 percent of women surveyed. However, only 24 percent of respondents stated their companies offered such perks

In an effort to showcase dynamic and inspirational leaders who have successfully navigated and thrived in their organizations, Randstad will hold its first US "Women Powering Business" panel discussion this morning. The panel will feature top female leaders in the Atlanta area who will discuss strategies and give advice to women navigating their career paths. Susie Wolff, development driver for the Williams F1 racing team, of which Randstad is a partner, will also be participating and sharing some of her career milestones and key insights to her success.

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