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Rapid Evolution of QR Code for Marketing

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, March 12, 2012
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Bangalore: A new study revealed rapid adoption of QR codes and importantly the way marketers are learning to use them more effectively. A study of all 2011 issues of top 100 U.S. magazines was released by Nellymoser, Inc. It showed that advertising drove 439 percent increase in action code from January to December. In January it was recorded that there were 7 advertising codes for each editorial code. The ratio of advertising code for each editorial code by September was noted to be 25:1. According to Roger Matus, Nellymoser Executive vice president- it was an experiment during the beginning of the year. He said "It seemed like somebody in the company had said, 'Hey, we oughtta do mobile, and I heard about this thing. Let's stick it on there."

All QR Codes, Microsoft Tag, Spyderlynk SnapTag, BEE Tag, JagTag, Digimarc watermark and other codes were scanned by researchers with an iPhone or Android device, activating every campaign, running every video and visiting every web page. 61 percent of all codes in the first quarter grew into 72 percent in the fourth quarter. Microsoft Tags lost share, falling from 39 percent of all codes in Q1 to 25 percent in Q4. All other tags accounted for only 1 percent each in the last quarter.

Nellymoser mostly works with publishers and ad agencies, handling the backend of scan marketing - from user experience and business logic to hosting and analytics. It's a mobile marketing and technology firm.

It was recorded that by Q4, 70 percent of all action codes were accompanied by information that described what happens after the scan, which is considered as the finest practice. On the contrary, there was a move away from embellishments such as customized codes or icons showing a phone to give people the idea. Matus said "people were worried there weren't enough smartphones at the beginning of the year, so they would have also a texting option. Now only 3 percent have that." A clear picture of best practices and campaign goals emerged by the end of the year. Most were used for four purposes - branding and demonstrations, data capture and list building, commerce, including online, store locators and coupons, sharing on social media mentioned.

Matus also said that "A code allows the person to act at the moment of their interest according to an advertiser." He added "Typing a URL on your phone is a pain but remembering to go do it at your PC later on isn't likely to happen. Mobile delivers instantly on the call to action."

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