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Small Marketing Mistakes that Lead to Disaster

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, January 10, 2013
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Bangalore: We are in the age where content is king. Hence it becomes increasingly important how you project your business online. Regardless of age, profession, or position, here are a few little things that different people quite commonly do that eventually casts a very negative impression, even hampering any future success of their business. Below are a few slip-ups that you should ensure avoiding as commented by Brent Beshore via

Grammatical Errors: Misspellings, lack of punctuation, and generally poor grammar suggest that the content publisher isn’t too qualified, is inattentive to detail and in other words, lets the viewer know that the site is disreputable. To stay on the safe side, it’s advisable that you use spell check tools. And if it’s something “important,” always ensure that you have others proof read it too.

Exaggerating Your Product’s Worth: Expectations do matter. If you promise miracles, know that your prospects will be expecting outstanding results. However, if you promise a little, your customers will be satisfied with a little and delighted with more. Being impressive is mostly about being sensible with the promises you deliver and reaching them consistently.

Avoiding Confrontation: It is expected that every business will make a few mistakes but when you do, avoid simply deleting a negative comment posted by a dissatisfied customer via social media. Instead, be sure that you own your mistakes and apologize for them. Let the dissatisfied customer know that you deeply regret the mistake and that he/she will be quickly reimbursed. Who knows, you may even make a loyal customer of that person. In addition, other followers will be assured that your business truly cares about fulfilling their needs.

Over committing: It is incredibly hard to cope with an endless number of commitments. Every time you blurt out “yes,” you’re actually saying “no” to something else you need to care about as well. Eventually, things will take their toll on your business’ reputation. First figure out if the commitment in question will help your business goals. If not, politely turn it down.

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