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Social Media Marketing Future & The Net Generation

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, August 30, 2012
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Bangalore: The outlook and lifestyle completely depends upon one's expectations. Everything around us is now digital. We want our next generation to grow up completely digital. So understanding these norms could improve our organizations. So here are a few trends and their impact on social media marketing.

People love to customize their things to make it attractive. The Net Geners gives them the option to use the technology in their own ways.
What would it feel, if you noticed someone had customized his I Phone according to your blog? Why would they want your news stream if they can create their own? To be precise, we should make our content consumers to determine how, when and what they receive from us.

While there are a lot of useful content on the web, there is also an unprecedented amount of unreliable content like spam, hackers, phishes, hoaxes and scams. So the net geners have high awareness around them.
The sarcasm is that web is not anonymous as we thought. The upcoming generation can take a whiff and can identify the fake. So the net geners are prone to forgive the companies who make up for their mistakes.

The net geners are very careful when it comes to security, honesty, transparency. They also care about community, close relationship and living up to the commitments. The only exceptions come when they don't want to pay for the music, books and movies, even when they know it is wrong.
There is a competition going on between the content publishers who depend on copyright protection versus entire generations who will not pay for it. The net geners have been conditioned to steal content and think it is OK.

A generation acclimated to chat groups, multi user video games, and file sharing naturally works together. They can access web everywhere via mobile technology which makes them feel like they have a universal friend. They bring collaboration to work and the marketplace
Collaboration is an opportunity for creativity, engagement and unprecedented loyalty. So the open source company involve this generation in the process to make the marketing efforts fruitful.

The net gener expects to work and get entertained at the same time. At Microsoft's campus, employees can play baseball; soccer. There is a private lake and gym. Xbox consoles are everywhere. There is a constant connection to web entertainment, even on the job.
Entertainment comes next to the basic need of a human being. How do we commit "fun" as content strategy? Then net geners agree to the statement that 'Having fun with a product is as important as the product doing what it supposed to do.' So companies should think about being more "Entertaining".

This generation believes in an instant response. They learn from the web and try to feign the same in their careers and lives.
To this group, Delay of any kind of response is an irritation. For example, If your service response to a complaint on twitter is more than an hour, you lose customers.

Every few weeks mobile devices and application are being moderated. So the moment we buy one, we think about getting the new one.Net genres live to stay current. They don't like old movies; they want to own some product which is new to the market. So anything short of the leading technology is considered obsolete.
Now a days in consumer electronics product life is measured in months or even weeks. So if your industry is slow to innovate, then it is the perfect time to re-invent yourself and your company.

These trends are coming at us fast and though we grew up wired, the impact is showing up in the marketplace. Generate some new ideas, re-invent yourself and your company, because you need the "new" to be infamous.

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