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Targeting Customers Through SEM & TV

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, September 27, 2012
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Bangalore: Today audiences watching their favorite programs on television, often have a gadget right next to them as they multi-task, shifting their hands from the T.V remote and stretch in the next direction to grab their gadgets. To marketers the newly developed habit of the targets could be seen as an eye opener. The interaction between television commercials and SEM(Search Engine Marketing)  can now prove to be of great significance , as we  enumerate how you can stand a chance to benefit from the ever  increasing entanglement between television & search engines below; as reported by Susan Waldes on

Aligning Your TV Ads with SEM: If you happen to set up your advertisement only for regional TV, it will serve very beneficial and profitable if you align an improved SEM simultaneously during the period you ad is about to go live. Information concerning your products and brand will be available at the click of a mouse, and hence you have a much better chance at reaching out to your targets in an effective manner.

Steal Their Deal: If you don’t have any plans on setting up regional television ads to promote your products; don’t be disheartened, because there’s always a sly way to get the deed done! The trick is, if you happen to know when exactly your competitor has their regional TV ad, be sure you see that as an opportunity to up your game by building search campaigns using your rival’s brand name, products/services and other relevant information along with an offer that out beats theirs.

Using GDN the Smart Way: Along with Television shows arrive the innumerable and interactive web content. From blogs pertaining to the selected shows, forums, chat rooms and the list can go on and on. You can gain access to your targets online by creating key word contextual GDN (Google Display Network) support for the programs that align with your target audience.

We are sure to see more interaction between SEM and TV in the near future, and smart marketers are already making good use of the interaction at present.

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