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Young Generation and their Contribution to Brand value

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Bangalore: Young people are quickly attracted to brands. The reason behind this could be that they want to look updated with fashion or technology that is currently ‘in’. In a Youth Marketing Strategy conference held in London some of the popular brands, media companies and agencies took part, discussed about their case studies and experience. Most of them shared their knowledge on how to engage young people based on the age group in between 16-24 years commonly known as Gen Y.

Young generations are the key to various markets. They are engaged in a consumer lifestyle since their childhood. Spending more time around people who are fashionable and technology addicted makes them engrossed in different brands.

Several marketers have found that young people are more engaged with social networking sites. So, this gives them an opportunity to advertise their brands on the social media sites. According to, during the Youth marketing conference it was found that 97% people use Facebook and 45% use Twitter. This has become a big channel for marketing and promoting their products and brands.

The likes and comments posted on these sites are very important. With the help of them, marketers can decide how to improve their products and what the young generation needs from them.  It was also found that most people refer brand’s products that are convenient to them. Most of the people nowadays carry Smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. and are technologically updated. Moreover, this number is going to rise in the years to come. So, this gives the marketers a chance to plan things accordingly in order to gain popularity.

Today’s youth want to experiment much more than what the 60’s and 70’s generation kids used to. Most brands are shifting to this segment because of the fact that they want to live young and therefore they also look and be portrayed as youthful in imagination.

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