Croma organizes the first-ever pop up event aboard a cruise ship to showcase iPhone 15 series

Taking innovative customer experience to the next level, Croma, India's trusted electronics retailer from the Tata Group, has hosted the first-ever retail pop-up experience on a cruise ship to deliver the iPhone 15 series experience to passengers. The company boarded Cordelia Cruises for Croma Cruise Control 4.0 with a unique proposition for its passengers. Croma’s Experiential Pop-up on Sea presented an immersive experience for iPhone 15 series enthusiasts.

Select 15 lucky winners who pre-booked their iPhone 15 series at Croma stores and embarked on a fascinating journey aboard the luxurious Cordelia Cruises. "We're thrilled to curate this 'Croma’s Experience Pop-up on Sea' as a truly unique and immersive journey for our valued customers. At Croma, our focus has always been on redefining the boundaries of technology and entertainment, and this initiative takes that commitment to a whole new level", said Shibashish Roy, Chief Operating Officer, Croma.

Passengers were pleasantly surprised and visited the pop-up, allowing them to experience the latest iPhone 15 series while sailing the seas. The Croma pop-up witnessed an overwhelming response from passengers. Sporting bright neon and psychedelic colours, customers were impressed at this highly curated personalized experience and were seen engaging with Croma’s experts.

Croma is recognized for creating engaging and immersive experiences for its evolving consumers. Croma's Experiential Pop-up on Sea is a step toward this commitment to communicate with its customers, offer them memorable experiences, and reiterate recognition of the preferred and trusted retailer of choice when it comes to the best of electronics and the latest technology products and services.