Experiential Marketing: Where Is Brand Experience Headed?

Work functions have become a real hit venture or a dire miss. A number of times people have found themselves impatient and fragile while playing with a board pin at an office corner during the hours of stuffy networking happy hour. Here are a few attributes The major attribute of the function is that it's not the function itself that stops a person from returning in the next year. The major attribute is the experience the person remembers having. which some of the best brand experiences have ever been offered to their customers.

There is a big problem with generic trade gatherings and industry conferences. That's why some of the renowned business personnel were not only stress free but, they are surprised and delighted, as when the event curator attended a holiday party that displayed a live, interactive version of a piece of an arcade game, it made the crowd alive. An entire room was curated for setting up a video game panel, and people well dressed up were equivalent to characters from the game. A reallife scoreboard, electronic music was the hit. Best of all, there were no fudging small talks.

The function was not just a tired work one, it's an experience and in line with work, has sorted the thing as experiential marketing. As a surprise, a number of people have not even heard of the concept which is a big deal and there's an entire three-day summit added for the function. 65 percent of the brands are utilizing positive correlates with sales.

Work of Experiential Marketers
As an incharge of the creation and execution of the strategy implemented for a live client, an experiential marketer is in charge of interactive marketing campaigns and in person interactions.

The role of an experiential marketer is almost equal to a brand ambassador, event planner, or brand manager and it typically involves the duties of-

1.Developing brainstorming innovative experiential marketing campaigns for increasing brand awareness, interacting with the public, and creating of positive brand perception.
2.Performing market research for understanding the types of experiential marketing campaigns which will be performed by best results with a specific audience.
3.Creation of events or live, interactive campaigns for helping businesses with efficacy and effective connection creation within the range of target audiences.
4.Leading events and taking charge of logistics as it relates to event management.
5.Tracking, analyzing, and reporting everything to experiential marketing campaign performance.
6.Working with crossfunctional teams which include brand creative, digital, social, and public relations.
7. Traveling to functions as and when required for ensuring vendor compliance and execution, sales support, and cumulative event success.

Effectivity of Experiential Marketing
According to experts, experiential marketing is very much effective as human beings are emotional buyers and a successful brand or even a brand in town connects with every buyer with emotion some say they not only sell but connect with the soul of a customer for a lifetime.

With the involvement of such exclusives and customer stories, the brands feel the customers are connected in a significantly differentiated way and the campaigns are successful as the customers are well connected in social channels with hashtag exclusives. The responses on social channels are collecting data and helping the customers in every possible way. Even in the case of helping customers in search of products not included in a particular brand.

Successful Experiential Marketing Strategies
1.Before starting to plan, it is important for looking at the present customer data for finding out the kind of experiential marketing that resonates with the audience research shows that even giving insight into new markets, customer segmentation is finding the customers that are best to engage with the business.
2.Finding new possible customers and promoting a new product by entering a new market helps in solidified marketing. After that start marketing by centering on the intended audience and measurable.
3.Before the campaign starts, it's imperative to visualize success and find the best measure of key performance indicators & it is a great method for obtaining nuanced customer data & soliciting in person feedback from the function attendees.

Experiential marketing is a mine of gold and when leveraged in the correct form, as most companies attempt to achieve the pinnacle of success in experiential marketing, it's a trend and high engage practice. With proper research and preparation, the campaigns are easy to slate the success chalk in the company's face. The mightiest charm in experiential marketing is making the experience chirping sales way.

Companies must try for creating an experience that helps in embodying the company ethics and values and imprints the experiential marketing with brand building focus for more brand being. The advertising world is a major move towards a focused experiential marketing world that helps in launching a business with positive interactions and a loyal customer count. Customers get the fuel of a brand with the right elements in place and the tools of digital assets such as imagery, videos & marketing collateral support in their efforts & brand upholding in all channels & environments.