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Reaching Audiences Across Platforms

Daman Soni
Co-Founder, Ad Chakra

Daman has successfully lead the company to create unique services in digital marketing and he is responsible for strategy,  business development and in the creation of a world class operations team.

Biggest Challenge

The key challenge that many folks are grappling with is how to reach out to the audience online  at the right time and right place and more importantly how they assign an ROI metric to the digital spend.


Adchakra has always focused on the fact that we have to be able to reach our audience across  platforms. Though this is extremely difficult to achieve, we have constantly innovated to develop specific IPs for each medium, be it mobile, video, web or social.

Customer Value Proposition

We help marketers in achieving their goals in a scientific manner. All our media buys and ad serving is done using complex algorithms with only one thing in mind – ROI.

"Any brand who wants to leverage the digital medium in the most effective mannerwould love to work with us"

Product And Solution Benefiting Customers

For the Line chat app, we helped the brand reach at the top of vall app stores within one month of launching in India. Our mobile ad network drove over 2 million downloads across the
country in the first month alone. Similarly for other clients we work on measurable ROI metrics like Cost per Lead/ Sale/ View/ Engagement, etc.

Competitive Landscape

While the digital media ad network industry in India is thriving, I believe that Adchakra is set to  be among the top 3 due to the fact that we invest heavily developing solutions that brand  managers and marketers can very easily justify to their management.