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ADS Advertising (P) Ltd.

ADS Advertising (P) Ltd.

Transparency At Every Stage Of Production

Ajay Dhawan
Group CEO, AD's World

Ajay has over 23 years of experience in sales and marketing with over 19 years experience of setting up 3 companies and running them successfully. Ajay aims to hand over the 3  companies to professionals to help him focus on mentoring the group to grow it laterally as well as vertically, both in terms of its team, size of business and create a fiercely loyal internal and external customer base for Mutual respect and benefits.

He is also the Managing Director at Rack Factory India (2007 - Present), Proprietor at The Zebra's (April 2006 – Present), Managing Director at ADS Advertising (1996 – Present), and was
Sales Executive at United Database India (1988 – 1989). He is the group CEO of AD’s world for more than 20 years now.

He was also covered in the Limca Book of Records for making India’s largest ground inflatable. Innovated to introduce backlit sky balloons to India.

Biggest challenge

There is a perpetual issue of matching Quality at Multi-locations as the outlets are Pan India for most of the clients. Moreover, delivery on time, every time is an issue. We at our factory at Delhi produce fitments across wood, metal, solid acrylic, ACP, Glass and Digital printing in-house for Pan India distribution and placements. So we operate on a Turn Around Time (TAT) to ensure transparency at every stage of production and all our clients are welcome to be on the floor to  see if all the specifications are matched while production is on. Post the quality check and
approval by the clients only, then are the fitments packed and dispatched to various outlets Pan India, where execution team ensures proper installations.

"Our vision is to deliver quality products on time every time and to ensure that our fitments retain their newness for the entire life cycle of the brand visibility"


To ensure that we deliver quality products on time every time and to ensure that our fitments retain their newness for the entire life cycle of the brand visibility.


Companies which have multiple sale points Pan India or those who are in the process of setting them up. So we have categories like Cigarette, Liquor, FMCG, office Automation, Electronic stores, Clothes and shoes, watches, accessories to name a few.

Customer value proposition

 Factory product made out of machines is more accurate than handmade options. There is standardization of material, color, quality.

Benefiting  customers

We continue to enjoy patronage of our clients for many years, and the list includes Vodafone Stores, Lenovo, Samsung through Cheil Worldwide, ITC, Arc-Intl and Canon to name a few.

Competitive landscape

Price, Transparency, One stop delivery right from design to production to execution.