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Marketing Is Not Just About TV Or Radio Or Billboard

We at AdTree believe that integrating the needs of people and Businesses can create awinning combination that can invent the best marketing strategies through Digital and Offline approach.

We analyze organizations, integrate marketing goals and offer them a state of art strategy that generates profitable results.

Apartment Connect is one of our altered approach towards BTL (Below the line) Advertisement to create an awareness to a specific target market, by following an Un-conventional marcom approach that lays emphasis towards using various Direct Marketing tools.

What we do is Creating Ground Level ‘Connect’ with Your TG, Educate the target audience about the superior quality of your product, Generate Leads for Conversion.

Where: Apartment complexes in the neighborhood of the school near. Each apartment complex activity will be conducted over the weekends (Saturday or Sunday).

How: Pre-event: Each activity will be preceded by Email/ SMS/ Banner/ Poster* (as per RWA Approval) marketing to create awareness amongst the apartment community about the activity.

A post event activity follows the event pictures with the newsletters for the recall factor.

Why: At the end of each activity we will have a list of prospective target audience who could be invited to office for conversation.














Social Media Marketing: Today Social Media has become one of the most powerful tools in business and in personal space. This media platform is not only one of the most cost effective  model but also one of the most potential media navigators that can help project businesses in a very different and incandescent manner. We cater social media marketing to our clients in an effective and efficient manner and add a personal touch to every product we promote.

Contact Details: Javeed Budhwani, 8060600070, 7760806444