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HH Global is a global marketing services group specialising in the execution of print, digital and retail media. Providing services to brands and retailers, both directly and via their nominated  agencies, HH Global delivers a seamlessly integrated Customer Brand Experience and a greater
measurable return on marketing investment (ROMI).


A key point at which ‘decoupling’ often takes place is at print stage. Alongside its other  propositions, the HH Global Print Management solution focuses on the needs of the marketing

Closely integrated with the client and its agencies, this solution supports a complete range of marketing outputs from business cards to global direct marketing campaigns running into millions of printed pages and everything in-between. The more common areas under management include: marketing collateral; instore POS; brochureware; catalogues; inserts; packaging; signage. In summary, pretty much anything the client’s brand may be printed on.

HH Global can help you assess where you could gain by separating strategy and creative direction from execution and deliverybyexploring the following areas in your organisation:

• Who owns the strategic relationships relating to marketing services?

• What is the involvement of procurement in marketing spend areas?

• How e ectively is spend managed across these categories?

• How is Return on Marketing Investment measured by large brand owners?

• When and how should Marketers act to realise the maximum bene ts of decoupling?


The company has operated in India for over seven years and has a signi cant presence, managing over 150 suppliers, which gives exibility to print anywhere in the country. This strong representation is important when considering the challenges of managing business in India, across 15 states with such diversity in culture and geography. With a main o ce in Mumbai, HH Global also has VAT registration in 20 states and a particularly strong presence in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

For marketers, the challenge of balancing brand control and cost e ciency has become  increasingly urgent; and evaluating the optimum management of a company’s marketing supply chain has never been more important.

Marketers, Brand Owners and their lead strategic and creative agencies play critical roles in delivering the brand and media strategy, as well as authoring creative masters, for their organisations. However, it often makes commercial and process sense to hand over the  roll-out to a specialist production management company. Decoupling ‘creativity’ from ‘execution’ is becoming a very attractive option for both marketers and procurement management alike.

Specialist production management companies can provide supply chain and channel experts, plus the technological capability and global footprint, to manage and deliver outstanding brand campaign tactics anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the ‘Decouple & Connect’, the HH Global paper which explores how you can improve the return your organisation makes from its investment in  marketing, please contact: Celine Almeida at / +91 9833 844 882 or take a look at