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PageTraffic: India's most respected Search Marketing Agency

Biggest challenges

Digital Marketing has finally arrived in India and marketing leaders are making sure that they are not left behind. However, I think it’s necessary for marketers to understand that digital marketing is not only about sales, it is rather an asset. No digital marketing campaign can generate immediate ROI however; the long-term benefits will be immense. At PageTraffic, we strive to make our clients understand digital marketing campaigns as an asset and a long-term investment.


PageTraffic started as an SEO company and has evolved at a great pace. Now we offer a whole gamut of digital marketing services. We not only build website, we provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies to help our clients excel in their business.


PageTraffic started with the mission to provide a global identity to SMEs and we have been  successful in our efforts. We believe that consumers are already familiar with the big brands and it is the small and medium names that need attention. We are a proud digital marketing service agency to small and mid-level enterprises.

Customer value proposition

We believe that no two businesses are same and hence our approach towards every campaign  is truly based on the requirements of client. We spend time in understanding the nature of client’s business and identifying the strong as well as weak point where we need to
focus. And it is the extensive study that helps us in identifying the pain point or new business opportunity for our client.

" PageTraffic is known for its high-level services and quality work because of which we have always been a level above our competitors "

Solutions benefiting customers

We had a client who wanted to set up an online ticketing business. PageTraffic started the project from scratch. We did the market research, competitive analysis and created a dynamic website. We built quality links and good content, which included creating unique descriptions for each event and artist. The formula worked and the website was on the top of search engine results for the most competitive keywords.

We were once approached by a B&B hotel in London. The client wanted a SEO campaign to get itself ranked high for major keywords pertaining to the budget hotel industry, which is a difficult task. Moreover, client aspired to have more reservations through the website. We started the optimization work by targeting long tail keywords first. Our work helped in getting the site ranked high within few months. The sign ups increased by 35% as well.

Competitive landscape

PageTraffic is known for its high-level services and quality work because of which we have always been a level above our competitors. Learning is a continuous process and I can see  PageTraffic gaining more clients in the future.