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Shobiz Experiential Communications

Shobiz Experiential Communications

Delivering Effective Integrated Experiential Communication Solutions

When he's not shuttling between continents, Sameer is busy charting the road to building Shobiz into a global experiential communications company. Having risen up the ranks in Shobiz, initially as a Director from 1990 and then as CEO since 1996,  Sameer's agenda is clear: Be the Best and Be the Biggest.

Challenges Faced

In this age of information, bombarding the average focused and sustained attention of every human being has drastically reduced. Every marketer is finding it challenging to effectively  break the clutter and get his message imprinted on the consumers’ minds. The rescue is  experiential marketing and Shobiz’s mission is to help brands engage with their customers  nd  build a lifelong relationship. We address this issue through various formats comprising of events, tradeshows, mall activations and roadshows.

"We create experiences such that the intangible message of a brand comes alive and becomes  a lifelong experience for a customer"


Shobiz’s vision is to deliver effective integrated experiential communication solutions globally.
It is a proven fact that once a customer test drives a car his chances of buying the car drastically
increase. We envision giving millions of prospective customers a firsthand test drive of brands
that can enrich their everyday life. We create experiences such that the intangible message of a brand comes alive and becomes a lifelong experience for a customer. We believe ‘experience  counts’ and it’s imprinted on every wall of the organization!

Service Offerings

We have a large range of customers across many industry sectors. Any organization/individual seeking to build a human connect with his potential customer or existing customer, is our  customer. A marketer who needs to break the communication chaos and reach directly to his customer’s heart is our customer. We empower that.

Customer Value Proposition

Our key proposition is to understand the brand and deliver an effective experience. We deliver challenging marketing experiences over 1000 times a year. Our clients can count on us and they are assured if it’s Shobiz doing their show, our commitment would be nothing less than  150 percent.

Service Offering Benefiting Customers

We created a social media booth called the ‘i-capture’, an in-house innovation which enables every experience to be broadcasted on social media. This is the need of the hour as every brand is knocking itself on Facebook. We are one of the very few agencies to have done this; in fact we could be the only one.

Competitive Landscape

The easiest thing today is to start an agency while the most difficult aspect is to sustain it.  Shobiz is an integrated solution provider which we believe is our greatest strength. We do everything inhouse i.e. from conceptualization to fabrication to even getting the small errands done. This gives us control over the experience we deliver and a competitive edge over our competitors. Another key difference are the people working with us. People are our key asset and many clients are comfortable working with us because of a long term win-win relationship  that we have nurtured over these 30+ years of creating brand experiences.