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New-Age Media Helping Marketers Reach Their Customers

Nishith Shah
CEO, TechShastra

Nishith Shah is the founder and CEO of TechShastra India Private Limited. He is one of the first few professionals in the country to have entered the digital and mobile marketing space while the industry was still in its early stages. Through his leadership at TechShastra the company has grown from a small startup in the year 2000 to a well recognized Digital and Mobile Marketing Organization. He is an alumnus of the Symbiosis Centre for Management – Pune.

Biggest Challenge

The challenges in the initial days were with regards to educating clients about this medium and the benefits of the same. It was quite tough in the early days since there were no specific budgets assigned for digital. It is heartening to see that this has changed completely. We, at TechShastra, ensure that we maintain our track record of staying ahead of the curve, by providing our clients with innovative solutions.


We have always understood the requirements from both sides; one being with respect to evolution of the medium and the other with regard to consumer acceptance. Basis this we have been able to build various product lines and solutions.


At TechShastra, we present a wide gamut of services designed to offer solutions to every type of customer, be it on mobile, over the web, social or even integrated marketing.

Customer Value Proposition

Our value proposition has always been to offer brands effective and engaging solutions that help them achieve better ROIs and a higher brand recall.

(Case study) The AXE – Call Me campaign has been one of the most successful digital campaigns in India. The AXE Call Me campaign invited users to register and have an AXE girl give them a wake-up call.

Our Social Media Management services have helped leading brands in the country build a strong and fruitful connect with their consumers.

Out of a universe size of 28 million (age group 15-25-Source IRS), we received more than 4 million unique calls and 7 million total participation almost 5 years ago. This was a whopping 981% jump, higher than AXE’s previous engagement figures with the consumers.

Call volumes grew from 3,000 per day at the start of the campaign to as high as 150,000 per day within 2 months.

The campaign period showed a share gain of 3.2% for the brand (March to June’09 Vs March to June’08) translated into very positive business results.

" Our Social Media Management services have helped leading brands in the country build a strong and fruitful connect with their consumers "

Benefiting Customers

QUOPN is a powerful customer acquisition product developed by us over the last 4 to 5 years. Through this platform brands can offer consumers various kinds of delights and offers for participating in a particular brand engagement activity/campaign.

It also works as a consumer behavior analysis tool, which in turn allows brands to know more about their consumers and offer them better solutions/products.

Competitive Landscape

We have seen many exciting startups in the last decade and more. Some of them have made it very big and some have not.

But no matter what the end result of any startup is, it always adds to the Industry and we at  TechShastra acknowledge them all as contributors.

Our team has been in this Industry for more than 13 years now and hence we have a huge  advantage over others in terms of understanding the client requirements and consumer  acceptability in terms of a marketing promotion or a technological innovation. This differentiates us from others in a very big way.