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We, at Siliconindia, constantly interact with marketing leaders and professionals across India.
A large number of them are embracing new trends and technologies to reach their consumers
and to modernize their business processes and functions like branding, advertising, market research
and promotions.

Marketing leaders who are at the forefront of embracing change are bringing new approaches
to reach their customers' by adopting the right processes and technology.

Many innovative marketing leaders are adopting new breed of marketing solutions that leverage
disruptive technologies such as digital, mobile and social media thereby, bringing new approaches
to reach and engage their customers. By investing in marketing strategies now, companies are
realizing new ways to drive their business to reach prospective customers' and need to identify the
needs of a customer and preparing customized products/services accordingly.

One of the key concerns of the Indian enterprises is the availability of information on
marketing solution providers. We have been getting requests from several marketing professionals
to provide information on solution providers in India and the competency they bring to table
and also for our insight into our market landscape. Apart from a few large marketing Solution
providers, other independent third-party marketing solution vendors are almost unknown in India.
While evaluating, the vendor presents one challenge, adopting the relevant marketing technology
solution and leveraging it effectively requires a well thought out strategy to ensure valuable return
on investment with a clear focus on real business results.

Keeping this in mind, Marketing India Outlook 2013 is being published. Our team spent the
last six months to bring out this yearbook wherein marketing leaders share what they see as a big
challenge in technology to meet needs of marketing in 2013, what keeps them awake at night,
and what solutions they look forward to and their expectations from technology providers for the
marketing sector. This would be a resource book for decision makers where they can refer to see
how their contemporaries are thinking about similar problems as theirs. This book presents state
of marketing technology solutions, services, and processes to help marketing leaders and senior
marketing professionals formulate a vision for the future of their organizations.

We received over 1000 nominations from marketing solution providers across India. A
distinguished panel comprising accomplished CMOs, COOs, Marketing Directors & CEOs
including Siliconindia editorial board selected a handful of marketing solutions/ services providers
to be featured in this yearbook.

We would love to hear your experience in working with different marketing solution providers
and how that has impacted your overall business.

We will continue our endeavour to provide you with valuable information to help you embrace
new concepts, pursue new strategies and acquire new leadership skills.
Thank you,

Pradeep Shankar
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