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Amit Kishore
Amit Kishore
Head of
Differentiate Strategies in place with your Competitors

Our value proposition in the market gives us the edge in the marketplace. As part of our marketing strategy, we make an effort to articulate & communicate our value proposition to our prospective clients as clearly as possible. Beyond this, we are building core competencies around a few critical aspects of the business viz. product quality, user experience & customer service. We believe that in a crowded market, these should stand us in good stead in future

Positioning products in market

Sophisticated & cutting edge technology is hallmark of our product. We use cutting edge technology to create efficiencies that help us present a compelling value proposition in the marketplace.

Brand Identity creation

Being a new & unknown brand in the marketplace, creating a strong brand identity is very critical to business success in the global marketplace.At the core of our brand's identity is cutting edge & sophisticated technology that delivers the knowledge & intelligence it's customers are looking for. Beyond this, the visual element of the brand is built around colour (yellow & black) and functional designs. The product & website is designed to give users a smooth experience helping them to cut through the noise.

Way to reach customers through sales force

Marketing & sales in our company is closely linked in our reach out to potential customers. Being a social media company, digital & social media is integral to our customer outreach program. We continuously engage with potential customers on social media and channel any leads thus created to sales. In doing so, we try to be part of any conversation taking place in our industry and also maintain a thought leadership position through our own content.

Company description & strategies in place

Webfluenz is a young social media intelligence company, which in less than 2 years has generated considerable success in varied geographies across the globe. We measure social media for brands & businesses and help them make sense of the medium of the future. Being a social media company, digital & social is critical to our marketing strategy. And we make full use of these mediums to engage with our potential customers. Engagement is key to our marketing efforts and is built around industry conversations as well as our own content.

Today's Marketing Trend

Clearly, social is the emerging trend in marketing and we see more and more brands embracing this medium. It's a medium that is not fully understood yet and lots of brands are still making sense out of it. In more mature markets, brands are far ahead in exploiting this medium.

Traditional media is posing more and more challenges to marketers around the world with falling media consumption habits among consumers and fragmented media choices.

More and more brands are trying to amplify their traditional media efforts using digital & social media. Its not a case of either this nor that media.

Relationship of Marketers with the CEO's

In flat organisations of today, I believe CEOs are far closer to marketing that they were ever. Social media has, in some ways, forced this closeness as brands have become democratic. The control over brands no more lies exclusively with the brand manager in the marketing department. Increasingly, brands are getting thrown into the spotlight publicly, not always in a positive manner. Defending Corporate & Brand reputations increasingly require CEOs to stay close to marketing.

Opinion on Mobile Marketing

Not long ago it was said that in future the consumer will primary look at three screens viz. television, computer, and mobile. It increasingly looks like mobile is getting a headstart over the other two mediums.

More and more consumers are going to get online via the mobile medium. But the smaller screen will continue to pose a challenge to marketers in exploiting the medium in a manner that they have been used to exploiting the other screens.

Thoughts on Social Media Monitoring Tools

The increasing eminence of social media augurs well for social media monitoring tools. It is becoming more and more critical for brands not just to listen and monitor but engage with consumers on social media & real time web.
There are innumerable social media tools available today for all kinds of requirements, from the very basic ones appealing to mom & pop stores kind of businesses to the sophisticated & cutting edge tools that provide intelligence & analytics for bigger businesses & brands. A crisp & clear definition of social media objectives is critical in ensuring brands are able to chose the right social media monitoring tool.

Opportunities for Business in 2012- the ways to take advantage of them

Going by the response we have received so far, 2012 is going to be an exciting year for us. After having spent most of 2011 promoting ourselves infront of potential clients across the globe, we hope to reap the benefits of that effort in 2012.
We are fortunate to be playing in the fastest growing medium and we hope to be able to reap the benefits of this growth that is forcing more and more businesses and brands to adopt social as a critical part of their marketing efforts.

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