UCHIT Media Services: A Diligent PR Brand Delivering High-Quality yet Sensible PR Solutions

Jivraj Chole & Reshma Chole,    Co-FoundersThere was a time when people used to prefer word-of-mouth marketing where they used to promote the sale and usage of a product or entity through their daily dialogues. Now a day, because of the ever-evolving advanced technology, even the PR industry’s overall narrative process has changed. It all started with the media management and consultations in the metro cities and now to compete in the market, every business entity is trying to market or publicize their product. The traditional PR system has now evolved into a more social media and digital media-dependent process. PR creates narratives to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications.

Keeping the current trends in the PR industry in mind, JivrajChole and ReshmaChole founded their Public Relations firm UCHIT Media Services in 2015. UCHIT Media Services provides all kinds of media as well as advertisement-related services. Considered one of the most result-oriented public relations companies in Maharashtra, the firm’s goal is to provide services to every noble cause. In a very short period, UCHIT Media has raised the bar in the PR field with its overall holistic approach and has penetrated various fields like industrial, political, cultural, entertainment, educational, health, and so on. The firm has been also proudly associated with many renowned institutions, firms, and personalities.

Jivraj Chole, Founder, UCHIT Media Service has over 8 years of experience in journalism before starting UCHIT and has worked with reputed organizations such as Daily Sakal, Daily Kesari, and MIT Group of Institutes, Pune. “Uchit” is a Hindi & Marathi word
whose meaning is “Appropriate” or “Correct”. During his journalism days Jivraj had come across many people and organizations who even though used to do a lot of good work in social, educational, and other fields, due to their less knowledge in media and PR as well as their inabilities to pay hefty bills for advertisements, they were not able to make it reach to the public. Then there were people, who were solely surviving on good PR even though their real work profile used to say otherwise.

Considered one of the most result-oriented public relations companies in Maharashtra, the firm’s goal is to provide services to every noble cause

With a determination to resolve these shortcomings in the fields of media and public relations and provide media publicity to those deserving people with good work, Jivraj founded UCHIT Media. Initially started with just 10-12 clients, the client base of UCHIT media has exponentially grown to around 850-900 within duration of mere 6 years due to their diligent endeavors and their client’s positive word of mouth.

Providing the best media advice, appropriate planning and proper conduct of press conferences have been some of the distinguishing characteristics of UCHIT Media. The firm maintains strong ties with various mediums such as Hindi, English, and Marathi newspapers, TV, Radio, YouTube channels, and so on, and also specializes in inviting celebrities as well as media persons for specialized programs and press conferences and reaching the desired effect for the clients.

The firm usually has a content-oriented approach and takes care of the public outlook or reputation of its clients by ensuring positive media reports across all mediums. With its expert and experienced team, 'UCHIT Media' has proudly catered to the needs of various organizations such as Marathi VidnyanParishad, Lions Club, and so on, and has handled many important events like the SataraHalf Marathon, Silver jubilee of Pune Navratri Festival, BandhutaSahityaSammelan, Pune-Pandharpur Wari, and so on.

Starting with just one employee, the firm has around 7-8 employees presently and some freelancers in some of the districts of Maharashtra. Being a Pune-based organization, the firm is also working in some of the districts across Maharashtra. In terms of future plans, Mr. Chole is planning to expand the firm in all districts as well as outside of Maharashtra.

Some Major Clients:
Sudarshan Chemicals, MukulMadhav Foundation, Suryadatta Group of Institutes, ICAI, Maharashtra Tax Practitioners Association, Republican Party of India, Gravitus Foundation, Student Welfare Association, Trinity International School, KothrudSanskritikMahotsav, Ramelex Group, Finolex Industries, Raisoni Group of Institute etc.