Affinique Marketing: Powering Brands with Excellence in Experiential Marketing

Panna Gupta,   Director

Panna Gupta


For many people the idea of starting their own business is a dream which never let them sleep and all they want is to turn them into reality. It had been months of `what-ifs', `could we' and `would it work' conversations before taking the first step. In an attempt to allow organisations to outsource their marketing needs and offer a one-stop solution to all marketing hurdles, Affinique Marketing was conceived.

In February 2018, launched Affinique Marketing, a brand-focused and strategy-driven experiential marketing agency known for its efforts in perfection and finding the best possible solution while believing in bringing brands' purpose and benefits to life. With strategic insight, inspired creativity, and flawless execution, Affinique tells brands' stories and brings their messages to life. "Affinique Marketing is not just an organisation, it's an emotion and that's what sets the four core values of the agency Affinity, Approach, Agile and Analytical. The idea was to set up an organisation which is built on faith, longterm relationship with stakeholders, transparency, and quality services", speaks Panna Gupta, Director, Affinique Marketing.

Since its inception four years ago, Affinique has worked with 112 clients, delivered more than 2700 projects and experiences, and reached more than 5.2 million people. "We strive for perfection, finding the best possible solution, always open to learning, and believe in bringing brands' purpose and benefits to life" speaks Panna. Brands are like people,
having their own stories, histories, personalities, and relationships based on consumer experiences with a brand. They are always looking for something different innovative ideas with value for money, wanting expert solutions that can create a difference. Translating a client's vision to reality and ensuring the same message is delivered to the target audience is crucial. Affinique provides 360° solutions to its clients, with expertise in BTL ­ Brand Experience (events, exhibitions, activations, market study), Retail Experience, Digital Marketing, and Merchandising Gifting.

"We build a shared affinity with each client's values, mission, and vision through awe-inspiring campaigns, immersive experiences, and unique strategies. As an integrated marketing agency, we meet clients' expectations by planning innovative concepts and value-added services that provide value for money. Consistency and passion to succeed prepare us to cope with daily stress and challenges without getting panicked", says Bhumika Jain, AVP Client Servicing (Brand Experience), Affinique Marketing.

Affinique is currently working on upgrading the retail channel for brands in home solutions (construction/paints, and many more) through unique solutions and technology. "We offer the costeffective, highimpact, and fast-turnaround retail services that our clients have come to expect. We bring our clients the intelligence they need quickly, clearly, in actionable form, and at a highly competitive cost. The feedback we receive from brands and their channel partners is incredible, inspiring and encourages us to deliver our best every time", states Devjeet Dasgupta, AVP Client Servicing (Retail Experience), Affinique Marketing.

Affinique is analytical in its planning and operations and believes in long-term client relationships, going the extra mile for each project and client. "Working alongside great brands worldwide, we're committed to doing something extraordinary every day. Considering the challenges faced by our clients, we provide them value-added services and offers a varied range of products & services", says Nipender Kumar, Merchandising & Gifting expert, Affinique Marketing.

A Step-by-step Roadmap to Success
Affinique follows a process-driven structured approach in its strategies while embracing change and is committed to improving, innovating, and delivering exceptional results continuously. The strength of Affinique lies in its team and the people associated with it. It started with three team members, rising to 20 currently, and planning to have 100 members in coming years. Its team of professionals from diverse backgrounds brings different perspectives and expertise, adding value to its ideas and successful completion of projects. Affinique is committed to the principles of creative excellence and aims to become the leader in the industry. It has a strong PAN India network with efficient associates and partners through which it delivers national campaigns with quality execution.