Akshar Digitech: Helping Businesses Evolve with Intelligent Digital Marketing Solutions

Ram Mori,Founder

Ram Mori


The content consumption among Indian audience has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Earlier, customers had to rely on sales people to gain information on a company or product, but now with the advent of digital technology, information is easily accessible to people at their fingertips. Conventional methods of marketing have turned a corner, and outbound marketing methods like TV commercials, direct mails, and telemarketing are becoming less effective day by day. In fact, a major section of the people skip TV commercials, while a whopping 90 percent of the population prefers avoiding cold calls. The scenario is simple. People are in control. They have a pool of options to select from. To seize their attention, it is essential that businesses hold a more attractive strategy which attracts, engages and converts more visitors into lifelong customers. Ahmedabad based Akshar Digitech is one such firm which not only delivers advanced inbound marketing services at affordable cost, but also leaves no stone unturned to become a trustworthy marketing partner for small, medium and large enterprises.
Driving you through your Digital Journey
Set up by Ram Mori, an industry expert who has worked for Fortune500 companies, Akshar Digitech is dedicated towards designing unique inbound marketing strategies that will not just fulfill companies’ requirements but will also give an output beyond their expectations. “At Akshar Digitech, we offer 360-degree Digital Marketing strategies which includes advanced digital marketing practices like UI/UX, Marketing Creative Development, SEO, Technical Configurations, Paid Search Marketing, Paid Display Marketing, Paid Social Marketing, SMO, Content Marketing, Content Discovery Ads, Marketing Automation, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analysis, Ecommerce Marketing, App Marketing and Conversation Rate Optimization which have been blended with our decade of proven experience. All our strategies are uniquely designed to ensure increased branding and business growth with effective ROI and efficient utilization of budget,” says Ram Mori.

The digital marketing world can be confusing if the businesses aren’t sure about how to create content and when to deliver it. But the experts at Akshar Digitech are quick enough to understand the emerging marketing tactics and can show you the pathway to achieve your goals. “We have a powerful content campaign strategy that showcases your brand by retaining high quality interesting content. Moreover, we work one-on-one with our customers and make sure that our clients’ goals are ours to achieve. At Akshar Digitech, we keep every
client’s budget in mind, we design their digital marketing strategy accordingly, and this is very well the reason behind our strong clientele which includes names across sectors like software product companies, IT companies, local service providers and manufacturers,” shares Ram.

Paving the Path Ahead
Today, in its short journey itself, Akshar Digitech has become a trustworthy and promising name in inbound and digital marketing field due to their services crafted well with creativity and digital innovation which will accurately tone with the requirements of modern businesses. In terms of revenue, the company is growing at more than 150 percent per quarter and its nine member team is enthusiastically performing to continue the same. The company possesses a work culture of shared learning wherein its employees spare daily one hour for brainstorming, knowledge sharing, learning advanced techniques and tools, attaining Google knowledge sessions and so on. Focusing on the rule of 80:20 where 80 percent revenue comes from the 20 percent offerings, Akshar Digitech is strongly motivated to help clients achieve better growth within optimal budget. Striving to expand their staff team by four fold in coming one year, Akshar Digitech’s next move also includes incorporating artificial intelligence with digital marketing and focusing on moulding ready-to-use advanced strategies for different industries that can be implemented at lowest possible budget.