AR Digital Media: Entailing Customer First Digital Strategies in Branding

Ashish Raval, CEOEvaluating the current projections, the retail business in India is rapidly flooding into the digital space to pioneer the dot com strategies in product branding. Ashish Raval, CEO, AR Digital Media, states, “Living in the age of CLICK, if you cannot master the art of converting that CLICK into business lead you will surely wither away”. As its tag line goes ‘If you are not in soon you will be out’, AR Digital Media is tooling the retail market to go digital. Its efficient team of creative technocrats is dedicated to devising non-competitive branding models, user-friendly web build and long term organic SEO to loop-off a customer sticky site.

Considering content is the king, AR Digital media stresses upon creating interactive & engaging contents for better customer transaction. Gripping onto the well-versed notion,‘Jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai’, the generated content is backed by effective SEO to ensure content readability and visibility. Similarly, it provides other digital marketing innervations like Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services, Google Ad words - Pay Per Click (PPC), e-mail marketing, online advertisement, lead generation, e-Commerce marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, adsense & blogging, brand positioning & online marketing(strategy)on digital platforms. As a specialist marketer & brand strategist, it also conducts Offline Marketing Campaigns like Brand Management, ATL/BTL Activation, Customer Engagement and more.
For AR Digital Media, the word impossible means ‘I M Possible’ where its stellar marketing campaigns are constantly empowering SMEs to be among the firsts and to achieve a big feet in the business. Since inception, it has worked for government bodies, retails chains and multiple international IT Projects in the SouthAsian countries, making it a reliable digital marketing provider trusted by influential clients like Adani, Gokul & others.

Its efficient team of creative technocrats is dedicated to devising non competitive branding models, user friendly web build and long term organic SEO to loop-off a customer sticky site

Customer-Sticky Strategies
Ashish believes, “A singular successful campaign devised using appropriate strategies and digital tools has enoughimpact to levitate an organisation’s standards to compete with the major giants in their vertical”. With 17 years of market experience, AR Digital Media has accumulated deep insights in retail principle & process,customer pulse, service marketing, distribution/dealer network and strategies and market intelligence, where today it can intuit ‘what sells’. Believing ‘Friendly, easily accessible thinking process starts from heart’, with simple and cost effective marketing strategies, it is impacting the bottom line, fuelling companies to emerge as a brand.

Furthermore, as client first organisation, it takes the complete ownership of the brand offering value for money services. It first tries understanding the client’s viewpoint and conducts a trough background research of the consulting brand like needs & advices about budget & people to be engaged to create seamless digital front. While most marketers fails to provide marketing metrics, AR Digital Media uses the latest digital platforms to measure exact key performing index (KPI) to scale the quality of the marketing campaign. Its transparency & reliability is building life time connections with the clients.

Existing in a fluid ecosystem where each day the market evolves with new marketing techs & tools, AR Digital Media routinely compiles these newfound strategies with its team at every fifteen days interval. Ashish concludes, “Our zeal is to provide the best digital solutions as per client needs our on-budget services make us more vibrant as marketer. Focusing only on the digital front, we envisage generating revenue of $10 million in this financial year”.