AURAA: Crowning Integrated Marketing Excellence via Quality Servicing, Creativity & Unique 4R Approach

Mala Mody,Founder & Business Head

Mala Mody, Founder & Business Head

In the past, marketing approach was limited to a few mediums, making it simpler for emerging and established companies to deliver their message across all points. Today however, proliferation of multifarious channels has created a leeway for infinite marketing possibilities. Availability of such an extensive platform has made it significant for companies to embrace integrated marketing as mainstream medium for ensuring clear message delivery on all touch points. The right mix of creativity and quality builds right consumer-brand relationship, and crowning this asset with great prowess is Mumbai-based AURAA, a boutique advertising agency weighing quality over quantity for prime delivery of integrated marketing services.

The brainchild of Mala Mody(Founder & Business Head), 2005-founded AURAA is the name to reckon with for availing branding, marketing and advertising solutions under one roof. Known for its quality-centered modus operandi, the company sails through competitive waves with its creativity-driven professional attitude that is instrumental in keeping the core team intact, focused and drive sterling outputs for the clients. Unlike others trailing the standard 4Ps & 4Cs approach, AURAA’s 4R
formula – Resource, Relationship, Result and Retainership – is the key for delivering client delight and creates stable link between resources, funds, time and conceptualized thought. “As we understand client’s needs and deliver services as per their brand’s needs and timeline, the overall experience turns-out to be positive, both internally and externally,” avers Mala.

Design Excellence with Expert Execution
Under its eclectic servicing umbrella, AURAA offers end-to-end creative assistance for marketing and branding requirements, right from designing go-to-market strategy to executing the campaign on-ground. While digital marketing, brand activation campaigns, merchandise solutions, AV and translation services exemplify the company’s all-inclusive outlook, the flagship service – design strategy, demonstrates AURAA’s dynamism in blueprinting best communication routes for its clients. Adding new verticals in the organization each year, Mala assures that client’s quandaries pertaining to dealing with multiple vendors are solved seamlessly by providing all services in-house and continue the legacy of quality servicing throughout.

"As we understand client’s needs and deliver services as per their brand’s needs and timeline, the overall experience turns-out to be positive, both internally and externally"

Discerning the fact that artwork creatives were previously sent to client through CDs and pen drives making them prone to misplacement, AURAA’s ingenious ninjas manoeuvre cloud platform for safe and sound functioning. In the future, each client is to be provided separate login details to
access and download their files directly from AURAA’s secured servers, which will increase security and further simplify data sharing. Besides, the company highly leverages technology for internal work process management and follows stringent measures for client’s data security.

Ennobling Performance through Bespoke Planning
Citing AURAA’s association with McCoy (a leading construction & infrastructure syndicate) for crafting an overarching marketing plan, Mala asserts, “The biggest challenge faced was to create a theme that does justice to the company and its legacy, create all marketing collaterals to also communicate the 25 years celebration theme, update website, design and execute booth fabrication and do it all within 20 days”.

Although the task sounds herculean, the company executed every plan with poise and completed the said job within the allotted time frame. No wonder, AURAA shares eight-year-old relationship with McCoy and is still in running! Axis Bank, Max Life Insurance and Yantra Aluminum Window Systems are some of the prestigious clients etched on the company’s A-list.

Innovating everyday while ascertaining right work-life balance within its workforce, AURAA graphs success in double digits and has plans in pipeline for software upgradation and customized CRM development. The company envisions increasing its team size and client portfolio along with adding new verticals in-house to expand its servicing spectrum.