Balancing Act: Cultivating Unparalleled Creativity with Authenticity

Divya Palat & Aditya Hitkari,Co-Founders

Divya Palat


Over the last few years, the digital and social media landscape in India has changed tremendously. Influencer marketing in India is growing rapidly, as the brands are leveraging the online platform to gain an advantage across the customer lifecycle. It has become essential for brands to establish a strong online presence. Significantly, Balancing Act is a renowned Digital Content Agency that works with Brands to create customizable solutions in the space of Content Creation and influencer sourcing and management.

Balancing Act was established in 2003 as a theater production house by Divya Palat and Aditya Hitkari. Shortly, they realized that content needs to be platform-agnostic and might as well create the type of content or stories that they'd like to tell to the masses. After which, Balancing Act expanded into doing television shows and ads. Balancing Act has directed and scripted successful TV shows like Making The Cut which was on MTV, worked with Boman Irani while creating The Pitch, and many more.

After the successful creation of TV shows, Divya and Aditya stepped into doing digital shows and realized that people are starting to look more at their screens, than at the television. Subsequently, Balancing Act has been creating authentic content for brands, using celebrities and macro/micro-influencers effectively to convey brand stories. By the virtue of their quality work, Divya and Aditya have been working with the most renowned brands in the industry
namely Colgate, Vodafone, Nivea, Cadbury, Asian Paints, Nikaa, to name a few. According to Aditya, Agencies that promise to just find and manage influencers may not be as beneficial to the brands. Whereas, Balancing Acts strategizes, executes, manages, and sometimes even produces the content as per the requirements of the brands. “Balancing Act is content creation with influence management. We don't represent the influences and run our production house, we just know how to balance it perfectly, which is why the name,” signifies Aditya.

Over the years, Balancing Act has created disruptive campaigns, some of which includes Puma Suede Gully featuring Devine well before the release of The Gully Boy, which was nominated for two CANNES GOLD AWARDS, Nivea India's launch on TikTok garnered over 30 billion views over two weekends, and #ColgateTotalUpgradeCampaign, wherein they collaborated with PVR cinemas across 4 major cities by offering them a seat upgrade and gathered the attention of 60+ macro and micro-influencers with over 2 million views on social media.

Over the years, Balancing Act has created disruptive campaigns, some of which includes Puma Suede Gully featuring Devine well before the release of The Gully Boy, which was nominated for two CANNES GOLD AWARDS

Similarly, Balancing Act worked with Hotstart USA, which wanted to be the one-stop-shop for their viewers to watch the IPL. The project was put together collaborating with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Brian Lara, Ashish Nehra, and Jonty Rhodes, which came out to be a huge success.

The key focus area of the agency is to treat the content creators as partners and create brand evangelists through a long-term strategic approach as opposed to a mere tactical approach. They collaborate with the brands to create content that can be widely used. They are choosing people who want to work with the brands or use the brands that they work with. According to Divya, people today are buying brands because they believe in what the brand stands for and wants people to understand what the brand stands for authentically.

It's extremely important to understand the brand's vision and the influencer must stay true to the vision. Further, as Divya and Aditya forge ahead to reach new heights, they are keenly looking forward to stepping into the OTT and film this year. "We are really excited for our upcoming projects and our calendar is tick till November. We don't even have time to breathe and that is the only way we want to live," concludes Divya.