Blue Eye: One Stop Shop for Effective Branding and Communication

Bharadwaj KR,Managing Director

Bharadwaj KR

Managing Director

A business should focus on growing its brand into a popular name by maintaining a balance between integrated marketing communications strategy and providing better services. This strategy, in other words, will even give the micro organizations a chance to speed up their marketing strategies and Blue Eye, a Bengaluru based firm is renownedin providing such effective integrated marketing and communication services.

Established in 2012, Blue Eye was set up to become an optimized service provider of branding and communication solutions for customers. This firm is the brainchild of Bharadwaj KR, Managing Director and an advertising industry veteran with a proven track record of over 27 years. His experience in the advertising field has made Blue Eye one of the preferred advertising agencies and it espouses a strong vision for the handpicked team of experts to create communications that will help the company make a mark in the market place.

Blue Eye aspires to stand out as a global player through their dedication towards customer delight. The company believes that `Client is King', the CLIENT FIRST approach drives them ahead and keeps the firm on their toes. The Pro-active thinking and professional planning ensures deadlines remain inviolable; this has strengthened the client's confidence over the years and the trust has increased as Blue Eye takes care of the minutest things to meet their clients' requirements.

Blue Eye specializes in a wide array of services like Integrated Solutions that provide Multi-media expertise in Print, Radio, Printing, BTL and Digital. And when it comes to Creative and Advertising element, Blue Eye very well knows when and on what size to
communicate with their clients and deliver strategies that reach the targeted audience and make campaigns effective. Their innovative strategies are simple and clear, straight to the point and effective in the market place. The firm also offers Print Solutions and Digital Marketing, wherein they provide end-to-end solutions in the digital space ­ Creative, strategy and execution and presently offers creative solutions the various clients in the digital space in India, Singapore and the US.

The Managing Director of Blue Eye, Bharadwaj KR says, "We believe in upholding effective and uncluttered communication to reach the target audience, we sculpt powerful messages through our campaigns. The start of the creative process commences with a brainstorming session and later accompanied by the division of work within the small team of productive experts. Our team members have the power to work creatively without compromising focus on the purpose of the campaign."

Harini T, Proprietrix says "We are here to create an advertising world (a world that uses every possible media vehicle to get clients' message) full of prosperity, meaning and connection to all".

The clientele list of Blue Eye consists of some prominent organizations in the country such as Harman Professional Inc, Unilet, Girias, Abaran - TimeslessJewellery, Suzuki Motorcycles, Bosch Automobility Services, Indus International School, Profile Correct (USA), Sri Venkateswara Group Schools, and Mekasia Ventures (Mauritius). Blue Eye also handles the advertising of Maruti Suzuki India for the state of Karnataka.

Blue Eye aspires to stand out as a global player through their dedication to customer delight

Blue Eye's vision is to spring up as an integrated communications powerhouse with a wide range of services and a roadmap is in place for the future. They are looking forward to 2021-2025, as the organization plans to make it big, and it will be a pivotal period for Blue Eye. Their goal is to hit Rs.50 crore turn over by 2025 and Blue Eye aims to accomplish this goal through vigorous expansion plans and launching of new branches in key PAN India financial centers and, of course, a distinct digital drive.

Bharadwaj KR holds a degree in MBA in Marketing and HR and he is a Successful CEO and a visionary leader with over 27 years of experience in Advertising, Sales and Marketing. Prior to the launch of Blue Eye, Bharadwaj has the versatility and acumen to handle the best of the clients and had worked with various reputed advertising agencies in top positions leaving a trail of achievements to his credit in his entire credit. He has hands on experience in handling Automobile, Retail, Real Estate, Education and Brand Advertising. Due to his positions in his previous agencies, he has thorough knowledge about the gamut of functions including business development to client servicing, innovating strategies, media planning to PR, Liasoning with creative department, motivating the team to execute, office administration and collection.