BlueAntz: Making a Difference in Advertising

 Monoj Nath ,   Founder

Monoj Nath, Founder

At the present time,businesses are globalising and expanding at whistle-stop. The headways of each organization largely depend on creative advertising and marketing companies who succour them to put together a set of tactics with which they can thrive in the competitive and ever-expanding market. By the same token, Monoj Nath, founded BlueAntz Advertising Pvt. Ltd. to devise strategies for both Traditional Advertising and Digital Marketing.

Being a part of the advertisement industry for over 25 years, Monoj Nath undoubtedly has gained a lot of knowledge and experience under his belt. With such backwards and forwards of knowledge, he brought into being BlueAntz­ an advertising agency that proffers traditional advertising and digital marketing. It offers a wide variety of services that includes OOH, TVC, Print Advertisement and conducts promotional events too. The Company has been assisting its clients to build an impressive
image of its brand to perk up its value and visibility in the market. Due to its outstanding services and solutions, it is regarded to be one of the most promising advertising agencies in India. "Our expertise, experience and the magic formula ­ simpler and smarter communication have helped us create quite a stir in the advertising and marketing space," says Monoj.

"In a span of eight years, BlueAntz has gained several accolades made notable achievements and grew greater in terms of workforce, clients and revenue"

BlueAntz had to get its work talk for itself since the time of its inception. It was a challenging task for the Company to win people's belief and impress them with its creativity. Since the market was already dominated by pronounced advertising and marketing agencies, the scopes and opportunities were quite skimpy. Yet true talent and hard work never go unnoticed, the creative capability of the Company was soon recognised and has been swaying this domain by fashioning brands ever since then. "We had a tough start but eventually opportunities started gushing in. With our creative and strategic efforts, we established our stance in this ecosystem" says Monoj.

Putting down all the obstructive situations, BlueAntz has worked its fingers to the bone and established itself as a high standing creative agency. In a span of eight years, the Company has gained several accolades, made notable
achievements and grew greater in terms of workforce, clients and revenue. To boot, it has scored significant creative credentials and worked for many reputed clients like Arish, Ori-Plast, Philips, Adhunik, Frank Ross and others. BlueAntz's strength lies in its talented and hard working team. The strategic teamwork has enabled them to handle clients tactfully and boost the Company's growth and popularity. "We have worked with well-known clients of the Eastern India. Opportunely, we chanced upon many advertising virtuoso and marketing oracles whose erudition and vision have inspired us to ameliorate our performances each day. Our proficient team is the reason behind our success,"says Monoj.

The Company has sketched an impressive plan of actions for its future ventures. It aspires to set its foot marks as a national advertising agency. It has schemed to team up with other advertising agencies in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore to expand its ally and widen purviews. In order to take the business to the nextlevel, BlueAntz is also intending to magnify its online presence for reaching the targeted audience and market. This stellar Company weens that creativity expertise has the ability to bolster any brand in a way that it creates a never dying impression on the viewers' minds. "We believe that the term creative treasures the minute details of life which can stimulate a brand and get hold of the audience's attention" utters Monoj.