BOSE Communications: Established Communications Consultancy Offering Comprehensive Communications Consulting

Sanjay Bose,CEOAc Working in tandem with the Corporate Communications team of a client is a major role that a PR agency plays. In the case of large clients, with many vertical heads, coordinating with so many heads is a challenge for the Corporate Communications team while giving each of them the merit they deserve in terms of coverage. As an agency, BOSE Communications helps the Corporate Communications team bridge this gap so that the end result is accomplished effectively.

Set up in 2015, BOSE Communications is an established communications consultancy offering comprehensive communications consulting services across various industry verticals. BOSE Communications offers an entire gamut of services ranging from Strategic Communications Public Relations, Government Relations, Crisis Communications, Media Relations, Business Diplomacy, Public Affairs, Media Training, Crisis Communication Training, Advocacy, Content Development, Speechwriting and more. In fact, they strive to offer their clients a complete basket of communication solutions depending on the requirements.

One factor that separates BOSE Communications from their competitors, is that they are rational in setting standards for customers. Sanjay Bose, CEO, BOSE Communications says, "While explicitly outlining what can be done and what might
be a challenge, we aim to pledge less and offer more. As every team member is accountable and responsible, we operate as a cohesive team and do not believe in hierarchy. While each member of the team is responsible for a certain collection of deliverables, all the other members of the team are sufficiently informed of each account such that in the event of the team member concerned being unavailable, someone is still available to send the client an update."

Professional & Quality Services
At BOSE Communications, they consider themselves as the extended arm of their clients, and plan the strategies accordingly. The organization works closely with its customers to create and implement engagement strategies in such a way that they are linked with the customer's overall priorities and vision. In terms of content, it is important to ensure that key messaging for consumers is favorably placed in specific target publications in order to safeguard and strengthen the brand's positioning. BOSE Communications aims to place clients in their respective verticals in such a way that they are seen as thought leaders.

With the advent of the pandemic, digital has played a key role in the way people communicate. At BOSE Communications, it is ensured that the clients stay relevant to the media by connecting them through online meeting applications like Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams meetings, Google meet and many more. This ensured that even though physical meetings were not possible, announcements and other information that needed to be shared with the media were done seamlessly. The company uses large amounts of data generated by their clients to project trends and give a roadmap as to what needs to be done differently.

Some of the major clients to whom BOSE Communications have offered their services through these years are Bangalore International Airport Limited, Brigade Enterprises Ltd. (all verticals), Specialist Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Daiki Axis Co Ltd., Energen Hybrid Systems and Galactus Funware Technology Pvt. Ltd.

The company have won several awards like 9th Annual Excellence 2019 ­ Public Relations Council of India ­ Excellence for Strategic Communication for State Government (BOSE Communications), Public Relations Council of India ­ PR Hall of Fame 2019 (Sanjay Bose) and Award for Excellence in PR Communication by Dept. of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka at Organics and Millets International Trade Fair 2019.

While many PR Agencies have lost clientele to COVID, BOSE Communications has in fact managed to retain its key clientele and grow its clientele in the last six months and are keen to grow the agency further and diversify our clientele.