Brand Switch: Mindfully Creating Content that Captures Hearts

Zaheer Shaikh, Co-Founder & Business Head,Jyoti Kyamsaria, Founder & Creative Head

Zaheer Shaikh,Co-Founder & Business Head, Jyoti Kyamsaria, Founder & Creative Head

Neuroscience has concluded that human beings don’t think their way to logical solutions; instead they feel their way to reason. Therefore, emotions play a crucial role in our decision making process, even when it comes to making brand decisions. As a consequence, advertising campaigns that make people emotional have a higher chance of getting them to buy their products. In fact, a study conducted by the IPA databank concluded that campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well as those with only rational content. “Indian audience is especially receptive to content with an emotional touch, as it helps create a special space for the brand in their hearts as well as minds,” says Jyoti Kyamsaria, Founder & CEO of BrandSwitch, a full service marketing organization.

Designing campaigns following the mantra of ‘using heart mindfully’, this young organization designs and executes creative marketing campaigns for a host of jewellery, real estate, corporate and banking clients. Possessing expertise in branding, designing, digital marketing, web designing, consultancy, mobile apps & CRM solutions, BrandSwitch has amassed a host of prestigious clients. Founded in 2014, the multi award winning company is committed towards creating lasting brand identities for clients through impactful storytelling.

Creating Lasting Brand Identities
Often times we come across companies that have been around for years, yet their brand recall value even among their own customer base is nil. Coming in as a saviour for such brands, BrandSwitch lives up to its name and ‘switches on’ brands through its innovation and creativity. Team BrandSwitch ventures beyond one time engagements and undertakes a holistic approach which ensures that every communication contributes to building a brand’s identity and its long term vision. “We were brought on board by an established jewellery brand that had very low brand presence in the market. Leveraging their own legacy and customer base, we turned the brand story around and within a span of two years they have developed a strong brand recall value. BrandSwitch is proud of its energetic team without which the company would not be what it is,” narrates Jyoti.

Adept at creating brands right from scratch, BrandSwitch works with various startups from the initial stage to final sustainer level. Right from finalizing the brand name, brand positioning, creating entire communication pattern to designing the entire campaign, the firm does it all. Known to be creative masterminds, team BrandSwitch’s creative services include designing logos,stationaries, collaterals, campaigns, brochures, in-store branding, instore communication and annual reports among others. Apart from rendering creative solutions, BrandSwitch also providesmarketing and branding consultancy and plays the role of a marketing manager along with being their marketing agency.

Keeping up with the needs of the digital age, BrandSwitch also specializes in creating stellar social media campaigns, website generation, ORM, SEO and digital marketing among others. Creating video content for various mediums is another area of expertise for the young organization. Right from scriptingto shooting, BrandSwitch specializes in catalogue shoots for fashion labels. Additionally, the company creates customized websites designs, static &
dynamic website design,e-Commerce websites and Android & iOS mobile applications.

"Team Brandswitch Ventures Beyond One Time Engagements And Undertakes A Holistic Approach Which Ensures That Every Communication Contributes To Building A Brand’s Identity And Its Long Term Vision"

Infusing Creativity into Campaigns
In today’s times of intense competition, brands are looking to create fresh campaigns and content to keep their audience loyal. Unfortunately, with themes being repeated, creating fresh content has become an uphill battle. In order to stay relevant and create engaging content, BrandSwitch conducts extensive research and analysis pertaining to the market, industry sector and the brand. Keeping in mind factors such as market competition and demand, the firm designs campaigns that directly speak to the audience about the product and its USPs. Adopting easy to understand language to communicate, BrandSwitch’s campaigns first attract audience’s attention, then initiate their reaction to it and finally result in response to it.

The talented Brand Switch team designs campaigns keeping their consumers in mind. “We ensure that we first put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes and then design campaigns in reverse. This way we can design more impactful campaigns,” explains Jyoti. The team also conducts extensive research pertaining to the customer base, their lifestyle, the various touch points for communication through which they can be reached and the amount of time they spend on each platform. Based on the results, BrandSwitch optimally divides its clients’ media budgets and allocatesfunds to each medium. The communication strategy is also designed keeping in mind various mediums and their specific requirements.

Rewards & Awards Galore
Owing to its strong methodology and creative process, BrandSwitch has come a long way in the short span of time that it has been in the industry. “The first three years saw us struggle for each pitch test job. However, after having won the award for the Youngest Achiever Entrepreneur, 2017 by PRCI, things have drastically transformed. In fact, we were approached by ‘Walkway’, a brand by Metro Shoes to pitch for them. Even though we were the youngest organization in the running, we bagged the account,” says Jyoti with a smile.

Similarly,BrandSwitch has been the recipient of various prestigious awards bestowed by the Associate of Business Communicators India (ABCI), the second largest body for the communications industry globally. Shortly after, thefirm was also chosen to be the communications partnerfor ABCI itself. “Working as the creative agency for the most respectable mentors of the communications industry was a big achievement for us,” Jyoti adds.

What had started off as a humble startup has today transformed into a global marketing organization with over 40 employees spread across the globe. With offices in Mumbai, Luxemburg and London, the firm is now looking to expand to Surat and Pune as well.

Keeping Communication Open
Having experienced a meteoric rise in the otherwise tough industry, BrandSwitch attributes its success to the firm’s rock solid approach to understanding the needs of every client. One of the only agencies to not have a separate client servicing team, Jyoti ensures that she personally touches base with every client at the very beginning of the project. The first session is incredibly crucial in her opinion as it helps the team understand the brand requirements without ambiguity. Other creative teams such as design team and content writers also meet the client personally and get the brief first hand to avoid any confusion. Leaving no scope for error, BrandSwitch’s creatives receive approval in the very first go.
Armed with a strong creative team, Brand Switch inculcates an open work environment to foster creative thinking. Working beyond hierarchies and job titles, the team is encouraged to pitch in ideas to create unique campaigns. The team is also periodically mentored by industry veterans such as Navin Sadarangani, CEO, NYUZ and a maverick in the jewellery sector, and Yogesh Joshi, President, Associate Business Communicators India. Focusing on keeping the team updated with industry going ons, these mentors bring in a fresh perspective to time tested creative processes.

"Brandswitch Has ProvenIts Expertise In Creating Exemplary Creatives And Executing Strategies Across The Board; The Firm Is Now Venturing Into The Field Of Digital Media Planning"

Marching Ahead with Elan
BrandSwitch has proven its expertise in creating exemplary creatives and executing strategies across the board; the firm is now venturing into the field of digital media planning. “Earlier brands had relied more on traditional modes of communication but now digital marketing has grown exponentially. In terms of digital, there are various avenues to take so we want to specialize in this segment and help clients make the most of their digital marketing budgets,” explains Jyoti. The firm is also sharpening its expertise in the upcoming trend of city branding and is looking to create unique content for the same.

The innovative firm has also launched a one-of-a-kind initiative, Me Ambulance, which motivates individuals to readily help road accident victims without any hesitation. Having conceptualized and promoted the idea on their own, the project was launched by Dr. Harshdeep Kamble, IAS, Secretary & Development Commissioner(Industries) at the 58th annual ABCI awards. The firm is also working towards launching a new platform for promoting communication in the jewellery industry which will connect the consumers directly to sellers.

Team BrandSwitch

With projects galore, BrandSwitch is gradually etching its position as a bona fide industry leader. Relying on its creative approach to creating brand stories, the firm is breaking stereotypes and creating truly unique and impactful campaigns.

Jyoti Kyamsaria, Founder & Creative Head
A Gifted Marketer, Jyoti Handles Various Departments Such As Creative, Business Development, Accounting And Fund Flow Management At Brandswitch. The Creative Genius Has Been The Facilitator Of Growth And Development Of The Firm Since Its Very Inception.

Zaheer Shaikh, Co-Founder & Business Head
A Gracious Team Player And True Sports Person, Zaheer Knows How To Handle The Team In Every Situation And Stands Firmly As A Backbone Of Brandswitch. A Cheerful Enigma With An Apt Balance Of Calm Nature And Leadership Under Stress, He Comes From A Construction Business Family And Knows How To Get Things Done. With His Magical Persona And Impeccable Meeting Skills, He Has Brought Diversified Clientele On Board.

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