Click Perfect: Constructing Practical Training Sessions with Simplified Learning

Shamsher Khan,FounderOver the past few decades, digitalization has become an influential and ever-growing space. From linking Aadhar card to rise of crypto currencies, everywhere the need of digitalization can be felt. Click Perfect, a Delhi-based Digital Marketing consulting institution was established in 2011 to enable everyone to leverage the abundant opportunities in the ever-expanding Digital Marketing industry. The firm provides amiable training, at student-friendly pricing & evaluates the improvement on the basis of their performance.

Possessing nearly a decade of experience in the digital marketing segment, Shamsher Khan, Founder, Click Perfect, provides high quality training with indigenously designed courses. This organization has established its foot on Digital Marketing field. The unique element that sets the company at the higher end of the spectrum is the lifetime support it offers to its students, even after completion of training. Whether the student metamorphoses into a businessman, professional or a freelancer, Click Perfect is always available for them to solve their queries. Yet another distinguished feature it possesses is its practical training, wherein more than 70 percent of its training is comprised of practical session. No wonder, Click Perfect has earned the trust of more than 60 students from all around the world, who are receiving online training from the company.
Unique Curriculum
The organization conducts classroom trainings as well as corporate training apart from online training, which facilitates students to learn client processes via live projects. The updated course curriculum & the usage of cutting-edge technologies like Google Analytics, Math Analytics & Video Analytics for advance tracking, make the learning worthwhile. Tailoring the training content as per the student’s needs, Click Perfect has divided its comprehensive syllabus encompassing 22 modules into PPC, ACO, Social Media & Website creation.

Whether the student metamorphoses into a businessman, professional or a freelancer, Click Perfect is always available for them to solve their queries

The modules with Google add-ons, blogging, affiliate marketing, job shipping & freelancing facilitate the students to make their career in online marketing, whereas modules like lead generation, conversion optimization, branding & PPC are confined for business people. For those who can't decide which way to go, its trainers assess their strength (based on their educational background, passion, aspiration & others) and provide guidance to choose the correct job profile accordingly. At the end of the course, the students also receive a Google certification along with Click Perfect certification. As a cherry on top, Click Perfect has also secured a few placement partners like color holidays and young travels, who offer placements to its students.

The fact that the firm has all-in-one trainers who have hands-on experience in working in industry & are currently working as freelancers & consultants has made learning easy and needless to say has a considerable effect on the training quality. The way they teach is unique, as they believe in delivering practical training. Standing as a testimonial to their training quality is the appreciations the company has received from various clients including IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IPS Ghaziabad, Daulat Ram College, Delhi University and many more.

Future Goals
Growing further, Click Perfect seeks to extend its service from Delhi to Bangalore & eventually to the other parts of South India as well. Moreover, it is planning to make improvements in their training process by introducing an LMS system, video recorded training sessions and live lecture sessions.