Cosmic Strands: Publishing Solutions Company

Dr. Ganesh Bhatt, Chairman ,Ritu Bhatt, EVP
Dr. Ganesh Bhatt, Chairman

Among the many publishing services firms in India that strive to match international standards, Cosmic Strands, established in 2004, stands out as a resource center that has consistently earned publisher trust as a high-quality, tech-savvy, and cost-effective supplier. Experienced in editorial services, language polishing (for English-as-a-second-language authors), graphics, cover design, secondary content, and alternate texting (alt-text), the company thrives as a scholarly publishing services provider. It has demonstrated unique working models that customize client-centric approaches.

Cosmic Strands offers editorial, digitization, and content solutions to government institutions, publishers, corporations, and authors across India, U.S., and Europe. It enhances servicing using its online cloud-based CS-Project Tracking System (CS-PTS). The company offers real-time live monitoring of edits using ‘Performa’, which enables
screen sharing of the same document and tracks real-time status of each project. Cosmic Stands’ in-house automation tool CS^3 allows faster processing and a shorter turnaround time, while also making the linking of any DTD possible. In addition, the company offers exclusive services to authors via Author Assists (, a dedicated online platform to serve this purpose. These features add significant value to workflow management and escalate Cosmic Strands to unsurpassed standards.

"Cosmic Strands engenders quality content through proficient subject-matter experts and discipline-specific specialists ably supported by its diverse tech tools"

Idealizing the Publishing Process
Cosmic Strands has long been distinguishing itself as a company that appreciates core values of publishing process, borne from a good understanding of author, publisher, reviewer, and reader viewpoints. The synergistic efforts of copy editors and the quality control staff assure delivery of error-free documents. While advocating shared production processes between onshore (U.S. & UK) and offshore (India) teams, Cosmic Strands engenders quality content through proficient subject-matter experts and discipline-specific specialists ably supported by its diverse tech tools.
Efficient use of cloud-based workflow management systems at Cosmic Strands allows its clients to keep track of project status using smartphones (iOS & Android). The company provides uncompromising service to clients and also great working conditions to its employees. Third-party audit firms conduct audits to evaluate workplace conditions and verify international social-responsibility norms.

Ritu Bhatt, EVP

Promise of a Bright Future
As an integral part of a transparent and an empowering work culture, Cosmic Strands employees are rigorously trained (on-the-job or need-based) to constantly remain on a platform that is ever-evolving and improving. Furthermore, serving esteemed clients like Reed Elsevier, Cosmic Strands constantly strives for a steady growth and to create a win-win environment for the company, its employees, and clients.