Digital Help: The One-Stop-Shop Aiding Digital Marketing Requirements

Pournima Joshi,Co-Founder

Pournima Joshi


India’s digital revolution is evolving by leaps and bounds. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, 2021 will see around 59 percent of Indian population taking an incredible leap towards internet adoption. With transition from lower-generation 2G network to better network options like 3G, 4G or LTE, there is a scope of wider adoption of digital methods, high-bandwidth data and multimedia applications. If smartphone and internet usage statistics are to be believed, India is shifting into higher gear to become digital-first nation. With changing times, and the advent of online marketplace, customers are no longer loyal to brands. With digital being the latest catchphrase buzzing around the industry, marketing methods have evolved tremendously. Businesses require digital marketers for targeted awareness and Pournima Joshi and Milind Joshi, acquainted with the digitizing trends in the industry, took lead and in the early 2017, the duo established ‘Digital Help’– an emerging digital marketing agency offering end-to-end solutions in the area of internet marketing and online presence or brand building of a person, company, an organization or institutions.
“As each person is different, we believe each business is different and hence, at Digital Help, we trust that each customer is different and we treat them uniquely. We do not offer standard plans of services to our customers; instead we analyze each of our customers by their products and service offerings and then our competent team builds a specifically customized strategy suitable to the respective businesses. Looking at the dynamic scenario in the domain of digital marketing, we are so flexible that all these strategies are also dynamic and can be changed, revised and implemented with ease,” speaks Pournima Joshi, Co- Founder, Digital Help.

An emerging digital marketing agency, Digital Help offers end-to-end solutions in the area of internet marketing and online presence or brand building of a person, company, an organization or institutions.

While most companies today start using Digital Marketing techniques without a proper plan, putting in efforts behind areas like SEO, Social Media and sometimes even email marketing as well, Digital Help lends support to such firms by guiding them and bringing them on the right track of embracing a variety of different channels and tactics from content creation to planning and
utilization of search engine optimization, using social media in effective way for lead generation and management, and most importantly using analytics to measure RoI on all these inbound activities.

“Most of our customers mention that they have already tried one or the thing from digital marketing but haven’t received any success yet. We at Digital Help are determined to turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. We analyze whatever they have tried and the expectations they have from their efforts and what they are seeking. Once we have arrived to a strategy that is aligned to the expectations of our customers, we begin executing the plan. Execution is the key to success and we do it with utmost honest and transparent way,” says Milind Joshi, Co-Founder, Digital Help.

Positioned in its nascent stage, Digital Help has already marked a breathtaking growth which has been 70 percent more in the second half of 2017 as compared to its first half. Currently focused on industrial verticals like Manufacturing, Trading and Services and Retail, eventually the firm wishes to have a broader customer base which is spread out across more industrial domains. With a vision to meet this objective, Digital Help plans to expand its Pune operations team by 100 percent by the end of 2018. “Our team is skilled and dedicated to meet our clients’ objectives, and we are positive about expanding the team to bring more experts on board who will continue to assure the same for existing and future customers,” concludes Milind.