Digital Owl: Helps you Turn your Digital Business Goals into Reality

Snehha Rawther, FounderAn international social media expert, entrepreneur, and author, Melonie Dodaro, once quoted, "Have you considered turning your hobby into a business? No better way to wake up than to love what you do". It is this ethos that emboldens Snehha Rawther an emerging entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant to carve a niche with her out of the box thinking and zest to make it big. Thus, with deep seated passion and a solution oriented mindset, she made her dreams come true in the avatar of Digital Owl. Digital Owl a renowned digital marketing agency made its debut in 2004 as IT search with just one service website designing. But, with digital marketing becoming the norm for a successful business, three years ago, Snehha shifted her focus and rebranded from IT Search to Digital Owl. She firmly believes that a successful business is the right blend of a great mind, wise choices, and hard work. Therefore, Digital Owl has raised the bar to a new height by providing a services portfolio that includes social media management, paid ads, SEO, social media strategy, content creation, and Email marketing. Running the show for 16+ years, the Mumbai-based company has the knack of scaling client's brands to new peaks. True to its name, Digital Owl works day and night to achieve success
goals and caters to clients in India and across boundaries. To date the company has completed more than 2760 projects."Our capabilities include every thing in the digital marketing space. We specialized in boosting client's brand awareness, generating more leads and conversion. Our 80 percent of the work is from paid ads and social media management. We believe in listening, data prioritizing and executing the right strategy at the right time. We currently have a large number of resellers in India and abroad. We work with several small digital agencies that do not have an inhouse team and outsource work to us," says Snehha Rawther, Founder of Digital Owl.

The company's unique approach starts with several sit down interactions to educate and guide them about different platforms

Standing by its Client's Side
Establishing an online presence, increasing organic reach and building trust with a limited budget for paid ads are some of the major challenges that clients face. Therefore, they are continuously on the lookout for a trusted partner who will help them overcome these glitches. Digital Owl always stands tall to hold its clients' hands till the end. The company's unique approach starts with several sit down interactions to educate and guide them about different platforms. For instance, many clients had no idea about digital marketing and blindly trusted any freelancer marketer for all the suggestions they got and ended up burning money. They previously spent ad budget and did not get any conversion. But, Digital Owl helped them with a community of its client's target audience by providing the value that increases organic reach and builds trust with a limited budget for paid ads, which leads to reduced ad spend. The team also gave a knowledgeable session on digital marketing basics, including strategy for their brand, allowing them to make a better decision. When the clients wanted to go for a 1-3 months trial, they helped them by committing minimum results for each milestone. This leads business owners to trust Digital Owl more and feel comfortable going for longer term. Housing a well knitted team of 15 professionals, Digital Owl also envisions helping small businesses on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra via optimizing store and paid ads. The company is also plan ning to start an inhouse studio for product photography shortly.