ELEFANTÉ: Creating Brand Loyalty Through Personal Touch & Empathy

A cultural shift has moved peoples’ preference to ‘acquiring experience’ rather than ‘acquiring possessions’. That’s the reason experiential marketing is so efficient in brand building and creating a fan base. Brands leverage the power of consumer engagement to connect with the consumers. Dedicated to furnish personalized and proven engaging solutions in diverse areas of marketing communication and design services, Bengaluru-based ELEFANTÉ enriches its offerings by sharing a personal touch and empathy with the brands as well as their customers. Incorporating all the stakeholders and brand ambassadors of its clients in decision making, ELEFANTÉ operates as a content ambassador who gathers & creates content, designs, captures, converts and enriches the same and finally repurposes and manages it, thus making the content discoverable.

More than just a BTL agency, ELEFANTÉ is 60 percent brand consultant, who understands its clients’ nature, objectives & ethos, analyses bottlenecks, study competition & enhance consumer experience, and helps to reduce cash burn. It is 20 percent Advertising & Digital marketing agency that builds content, provides branding and includes diverse marketing strategies by identifying their product’s benefits or help target a better audience. And finally with its experiential marketing prowess, it creates lasting impressions on consumers which they want to share with others and that, ultimately, leads to brand loyalty.
“We try to add glimpse of these ethics in each campaign to convey the brand message: Follow through on your promises, Deliver genuine customer-centric experiences, Behave with integrity, Talk to your customers regularly & evolve and most importantly, Make them feel happy & special,” remarks Arun, Founder, ELEFANTÉ.

Services – Safe & Secure
ELEFANTÉ’s highly customizable services include strategy and planning, experiential marketing, immersive technologies, influencer marketing, digital and social, video marketing and retail & shopper. Its informed and responsible team addresses security
vulnerabilities related to sensitive issues and business data through keen attention to detail and robust security measures.

Arun,Founder & Owner

A strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in real life situation is essential to form strong bonds. Using advanced tools such as augmented & virtual reality, ELEFANTÉ creates simple and memorable 3D and 2D animations to convey its message through an engaging experience. For instance, on world heart day, they collected data of more than 1000 people at a single campaign for Narayana Health! At busy malls, they installed two sensor connected cycles capable of reading kinetic energy of riders, using it to fill a 3D heart appearing on a screen to share the message of practicing warm-up for a healthy heart and good blood circulation. It was well received and became a huge success.

Using advanced tools such as augmented & virtual reality, ELEFANTÉ creates simple and memorable 3D and 2D animations to convey its message through an engaging experience

Addressing Challenges Uniquely
Startups tend to face issues like high cash burn, low RoI, customer retention, maintenance of employee relations & management of digital space, while finding it difficult to understand consumer behaviour and consumer & brand gaps. Understanding this, ELEFANTÉ works closely with its clients (most of whom are startups), especially the directors, CMOs and CEOs to draw on solutions to these issues and deliver genuine, customer-centric experiences to influence positive association with the brand.

These strategies have enabled ELEFANTÉ to emerge into a prosperous company with a turnover of over Rs.1 crore from its humble beginning with an investment of just Rs.20,000 within in just one and a half year. Rapidly expanding, the company looks forward to work with many more companies and be a part of their success journeys.