Ethinos Digital Marketing: Understanding, Implementing and Executing Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Brijesh Munyal, Joint MD, Siddharth Hegde, Founder & MD,Benedict Hayes, Executive MDThe Digital Marketing space has been witnessing a rising graph during the last decade and this has led to the introduction of varied digital marketing service providers across India. Ethinos Digital Marketing is one such agency based in India that has won multiple awards in digital and data consultancy services. Here is an exclusive interview of the three partners Brijesh Munyal(ex.DENTSU), Siddharth Hegde(ex.GEP and Gartner), and Benedict Hayes.

Give us a brief overview of Ethinos Digital Marketing. What are the major facets of your expertise as a leader in the digital marketing sector that would highlight in the article?
With more than seventy clients on retainer spanning the Indian market as well as in Asia, Middle East, North America, and Europe. We three friends cum colleagues, Brijesh, Siddharth, and Benedict with extensive operational knowledge in digital marketing and ad tech. Our operating processes, infrastructure, and the team have geared to solve diverse problems. Our agency specializes and focuses on building expertise in understanding, implementing, and executing data driven marketing programs and solutions, where clear business performance is our driver for client success. We at Ethinos have set out to answer and solve five key questions a business owner or CMO would have. This includes, how to plan and create a digital strategy, how to tell a brand story and communicate on digital, how to build a digital infrastructure and data ecosystem for my business, how to create, manage and visualize the ongoing marketing campaigns, and how to drive business performance and continuous learning.

Tell us about Ehtinos' partnerships with other big brands and the services it offers.
With multiple working relationships and partnerships across some of the world's leading technology providers in both adtech, martech as well as data analytics solutions. This would include large partnerships with media players such as Google and Facebook, where Ethinos is widely regarded as one of the largest independent Indian agencies in terms of monthly media spends, as well as data partnerships with globalleaders
like Adobe, Salesforce, Web Engage, Clevertap Resulticks, and other local players. Our solutions include Digital Consultancy, Business Intelligence,and Analytics Dashboards, Marketing Automation and Workflow Management, Data Auditing, Sanitization, Transformation, Activation, Digital Surveys and Market Insights, AI and Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Attribution, and Econometric Modelling. Also, media buying such as Search, Display, Affiliate, along with search engine, marketplace, and mobile app store optimization, social media activities like content marketing website and app development are few other important solutions offered by the company.

Ethinos has grown consistently by 120 percent year-on-year with a vision to grow a further 70 percent in the coming fiscal year

Give us a brief about the varied industries Ethinos is serving and the clientele in this regard.
We have developed our own proprietary operating, process, and delivery models for key industries such as BFSI, e-Commerce, EduTech, and MedTech. These models help us to deliver consistent results and performance for our partners in these industries. Ethinos is one of the first agencies to hire a Chief Data Officer for leveraging the digital power for its clients. Armed with senior and experienced digital experts in driving data driven marketing, advertising and business performance, the company plans and creates digital strategies tells brand stories along communicating on digital platforms. It has a diverse client roster with specialized capability within the BFSI, Ecommerce, Travel, Med Tech, and Ed Tech industries. Its client list includes HP, SonyLiv, Decathlon, Reliance Industries,Tata Communi cations, Kotak Bank, Fly Dubai, Thomas Cook and Experian.

How has the Pandemic hit your company and how has it balanced in this tough time?
Despite the current pandemic, Ethinos has grown consistently by 120 percent year on year with a vision to grow a further 70 percent in the coming fiscal year. It is investing in building up capabilities to leverage the interplay in Data, Technology, Media and Creative. How ever, extensive work has started around leveraging data driven marketing to help our clients become more efficient and effective. Adding to our capabilities around real time reporting, dash boarding, and proving actionable insight based, our focus is also into automate time consuming stuff like reporting so that the teams can focus on value adds like insights.

Throw some light on Ethinos’plans and the roadmap of the company ahead.
We are continually investing and building operational models and technology that allow our employees to seamlessly provide service to our clients. Right from our Hub & Spoke operations model where there will be a central ‘hub' for important meetings or discussions and a small regional office or ‘spoke' for a smaller event closer to where they are living. For instance, people living in and around Kandivali and Borivali can have one location so that it saves their travel time and also is safe, to investing in the latest collaboration tools and methodologies. Also, we are working hard to improve our performances and sustain our existing and new clients in the market for a never ending time.