CYCOOL: Brining ‘Hatke’ Concepts To Life

Avnish Deodia,Co-Founder

Avnish Deodia


Every brand faces challenges in the market but they are unique to the brand. Hence ‘one-size-fits-all’ or ‘off-the-shelf’ marketing solutions will have minimal effect. The ever-changing market dynamics and the fast-changing customer expectations are pushing the marketing companies to think and act lateral and beyond. This is where CYCOOL fits in. CYCOOL crafts marketing ideas that contribute towards achieving clients’ set objectives, whether it is marketing, business or communication.

This customer-centric firm works with speed & simplicity, and brings ‘hatke’ (differentiated) concepts to life post comprehending client’s objectives. These concepts are clutter-breaking, in-line with client’s objective and easy to understand for customers. Following this methodology, the company handles activations and brand promotions, events, employee engagement, video case studies, creative development and PR, with capability to deliver in all major towns of India. “We don’t work like typical event agency. Hence we have identified few important aspects for ourselves; some of which are - be quick, flexible and focus on client’s ROI; focus on innovative real-life brand experiences; design integrated brand experiences and activations that connect brands powerfully with people; create experiences that generate engaging on-line content; and use the latest technology to engage audience,” explains Avnish, who leverages his 16+ years of experience in brand building, marketing communications, advertising and consumer activations to craft differentiated concepts.
However, in the past few years, 360 degree brand building campaigns have drastically gone down. “I still remember the amount of work we used to do during my Vodafone stint on brand campaigns. But times have changed now. Due to intense market pressures, companies have cut down their marketing and promotional budgets and focus is shifting towards sales. The focus is more on RoI. Therefore, we as an experiential marketing company also have to change ourselves and work in a way that supports client business objectives,” asserts Avnish Deodia, Co-Founder, CYCOOL.

Delivering Concepts that Speak
Focusing on delivering customer experience excellence for brands, Bangalore-based CYCOOL’s creative team works on both 2D and 3D designs to give a glimpse of the look & feel to clients. But everything starts with understanding brand guidelines to ensure the designs are in line with the brand framework. However, delivering experience marketing has its own limitations too, as many a times it does not give immediate results. Also, careful selection of the venue, target audience and creative approach is critical to the success.

CYCOOL crafts marketing ideas that contribute towards achieving clients’ set objectives, whether it is marketing, business or communication

Hence it is essential that the team remains on top by continuously updating themselves with the latest happenings and technologies that are changing the sphere of the industry. Therefore, CYCOOL’s team attends different events/conferences happening across the city, while enjoying the privilege of work from home in the traffic-heavy city of Bangalore. The team meets twice a week to discuss updates, ideas and challenges if any and share their learning as well. “There are no shortcuts on the way. We have to work diligently with honesty and pride. Be customer-centric. See everything from customer’s point of view,” adds Avnish.

Avnish leverages his vast experience of having worked with brands like Vodafone and Ogilvy to good use while advising clients on ideas. Passionate about cycling, Avnish has created campaigns like Vodafone Cycling Marathon and Cycle to Light-up Mysore Palace. He now plans to venture into cycling space and build the culture of cycling and fitness in the corporates, besides doing event management. “We aim to make cycling an essential part of organization’s health and wellbeing initiatives without making them invest a lot on time, energy and money,” concludes Avnish.