Freeskout: Matchmaker for Brands & Influencers

Shashank Sehrawat,CEO & Co-Founder

Shashank Sehrawat

CEO & Co-Founder

With the advancement and adoption of technology in almost everything in today’s world, there is no area left in our daily lives that aren’t influenced by it, and it’s no wrong to say that we are spending almost more than half of our day in the online world. This is also a major reason how the ecosystem of Influencer marketing in India is growing rapidly; as the brands and influences are collaborating to leverage the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing to achieve their separate goals. Business Insider’s report suggests that the influencer marketing industry is expected to be worth $15 billion by 2022, compared to $8 billion in 2019.

This clearly shows that the industry is all set to flourish in the coming future; however, unlike many other industries, challenges exist in the influencer marketing industry that is required to be neutralized. Here the challenges are - unorganized ecosystem and the existence of middlemen which degrades the direct relationship between brands and influencers. To deal with such criticality while offering its best to the industry, Freeskout, a New-Delhi based influencer making company is surging in the influencer marketing realm. This 2020 established company aims to bridge the gap between social media influencers and brands through its tech-enabled influencer marketing platform with the same name - ‘Freeskout’.

Discover, Connect and Collaborate with Freeskout
Freeskout is basically a free mobile
application (App) that provides brands and influencers, the liberty to discover, connect and collaborate without the involvement of any middlemen. “Cutting out the middlemen helps brands and influencers to build a direct communication channel, gather invaluable feedback and work with greater efficacy. This was the main idea of building this App,” asserts Shashank Sehrawat, CEO & Co-Founder, Freeskout.

Most of the organization focuses only on brands, but Freeskout aims to take care of both the brands and the influencers. It eliminates the middleman as a result of which brands get efficient influencer at an effective price and the influencers too get the most of what they deserve. Perform a Google search about ‘Influencer marketing’ and all you’ll get are the results associated with the brands and their benefits. Freeskout breaks the norm and allows influencers to leverage the potential of influencer marketing to achieve their explicit goals.

Cutting out the middlemen helps brands and influencers to build a direct communication channel, gather invaluable feedback and work with

Not just the application is highly user-friendly, but the working principle of the Freeskout App is also extremely simple yet robust. Brands can register themselves setting up some prerequisite information such as their budget, targeted social media platforms, and the type of influencers that they are looking for. In the same way, influencers can create their profile highlighting their forte, budget, engagement and interest records. Next, the matchmaking part is taken care of by the Freeskout algorithm. “Voila! The simplest way of connecting suitable brands with the right influencer. Choose, chat and strike a deal,” states Shashank. Brands can select influencers for various platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This way the platform acts as a one-stop platform for both brands and influencers/bloggers.

A Company with Bright Future
Freeskout is a complete bootstrapped company. It’s the zealous nature and the hard work of Shashank and his team that has led the firm to excel in the Industry without any support. Since its inception, Freeskout has grown multi-fold the company which was started with five people is now backed with 75 expert members. Currently, the company is working with 300+ brands and has onboarded around 20,000 micro and nano influencers across the nation in different categories which includes fashion, lifestyle, fitness, tech and travel. And as the company moves ahead it is looking forward to expanding its business and the team.