Ganancia360: Offering Brand Strategies with 360 Analysis and Approach For Faster Business Growth

Hemalatha Madathil, CEOThere are more than 50,000 design studios, PR agencies, Ad agencies, marketing agencies and consultancies in the world. However, managing a brand is no cake walk and requires more than just digital and offline expertise. It requires vision, an eye for perfection and the willingness to understand the markets and meet the demands in a way that will be effectively received by the end customers.

"Ganancia360 is different! We believe in crafting creatives that effectively sells the brand in the market. We scientifically scrutinise a brand and then come up with an effective brand communication strategy that will work for that particular brand. There is no set strategy for brands. The strategy will vary from brand to brand and from market to market. We have handled a plethora of tiny, small, medium and big brands ever since 2007," says Hemalatha Madathil, CEO, Ganancia360.

Simple Ideas Helping Brands to be A Cut Above
Ganancia360 is a brand communications company that evaluates a brand 360 degrees before deriving a strategy. Based on the brand's requirements and the promoter's vision it draws its strategy for brand communications and applies it to marketing, advertising and PR activities across diverse media for its clients. It offers a 360 degree solution under one roof and ensures homogeneous communications in creating an image for any brand. "We believe in creating simple, striking and customer retainable ideas that helps in sculpting
brands with words, visuals, colours, sounds, expressions and emotions” Hemalatha affirms.

Branding and digital marketing services are only a portion of the number of services that Ganancia360 offers. Communication can never be effective without a strategy behind it and thus the company invests time to choose the right media for marketing based on the requirements of any particular brand. It has a design studio, business development, online as well as offline PR, advertising and marketing offerings under one roof. In this way it ensures that every brand it is working with gets the benefits from the most effective marketing mix, thought provoking and stimulating branding techniques, and much more.

To date Ganancia360 has a portfolio of over 800 brands flying high and has fuelled 350 brands to rise from scratch

Implementing Latest Technologies in its Services
With the discovery of newer media channels, communication techniques are evolving at a rapid pace. People need to be aware of newer technologies and platforms to ensure maximum reach and business growth. Moreover, even with ever evolving technology, in many cases, traditional media still holds importance in certain geographical areas. "We implement a mix of technology and traditional techniques in building our clients' brand presence. Especially in a country like India, where internet penetration is yet to be fully effective in certain regions and traditional media plays an important role” Hemalatha adds.

Ganancia360 has produced many corporate videos, TVCs, promotional video, infographics, and more. To date Ganancia360 has a portfolio of over 800 brands flying high and has fuelled 350 brands to rise from scratch. Reliance Reconnect, Bajaj Electronics, Kelvinator,Ticket Goose, Naturals, NSK Bearings are few of the clients that Ganancia360 has worked with.

“We at Ganancia360 strategise the communications of the brand making it more effecting in reaching its target audience. We delve deep into the minds of our target audience to create strategies thereby ensuring greater effectiveness of communications," explains Hemalatha..

Eyeing at Speedy Growth
Revenues in the field of brand communications have taken a hard beating in the recent times due to the global economy being affected due to the pandemic. This condition is gradually changing with the steady decline in the number of Covid cases globally. The market is gradually opening up. This is also causing a gradual rise in marketing spends. Aligned with this thought, she adds, ‘We are eyeing at huge growth in the coming years with our advanced services in the brand marketing space.