Global Matrix Survey: Offering Clients A Bird's Eye View Of The On-Ground Scenarios

Uday Bhan,  Founder & CEO

Uday Bhan

Founder & CEO

Be it launching a new product, adding additional features to the existing product, or even foraying into a new region, knowing the on-ground scenario is very much essential for businesses across every industry. No matter how good a product your company offers, if the end customer doesn’t deem it useful for his/her pain points, it is bound to falter and fail, thus incurring heavy losses to the company and even bringing down the reputation of the organization even in the regions where it was previously successful. Additionally, the cut-throat competition across every business vertical makes it even more painful for companies to thrive in. This is where market research firms come into picture.

The market research firms not only give businesses a detailed report of what their target customers expect, but also give a forecast report of what might be the future result and even advise them on what to do and what not to. According to Market Research Society of India, the Indian market research industry which was worth $2.1 billion in FY21, is expected double-up and reach $4.2 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 12-14 percent during the forecast period. In 2021, marketing analytics services alone accounted for 52 percent of the total industry revenue, while traditional market research and syndicated/publishing services brought 32 percent and 16 percent revenue, respectively.
Owing to such positive notes, a multitude of market research firms have come-up in recent times. However, not all companies are proficient in every domain, as a result of which there might be errors in the reports offered. Standing-out among the crowd through its highly efficient and accurate market research offerings is Global Matrix Survey.

End-To-End Services
Based in New Delhi, Global Matrix works as a partner & trusted source for clients across the globe. It offers a suite of market research services that include Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Online Research, Survey Scripting, Business Research, and many other services. Being its major offering, under Qualitative Research, the company offers services that include Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing(CAPI), Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), and Pen-and-Paper Personal Interview(PAPI) to name few.

“We help with every step of our clients’research and marketing journey. More than just collecting and analyzing data, we look at each market research project as an opportunity for our clients to advance their business and extract maximum benefit out of it”, says Uday Bhan, Founder & CEO, Global Matrix Survey.

The company enables its clients to reach their target customers by analyzing survey data to achieve precise customers’ views and their behaviors based on thousands of factors accumulated directly from the individuals. Thus, they utilize the accumulated data to drive impactful decision making through enriched market research and validate real people and real behaviors.

“We are a team of elites from all fields. We have rich project experience, cutting-edge internet technology and product development capabilities. We can deliver our fieldworks in over 25+ countries globally, and our samples cover various industries. Firstly, we discover the size of the market, what your competition is doing right, and possible dissatisfaction with existing products in the market, a give a detailed report to our clients. Our priority is high quality data and has scientific mechanisms to safeguard that all its products are up to standard”, adds Uday.

Future Roadmap
Currently a team of 40-50 employees, Global Matrix envisions providing cost effective, high quality services with a transparent and strategic mindset & to be one of the leading research companies in the world. “We are on a mission to improve our clients’business & market understanding by connecting them to the interests, opinions and actions from the world’s largest community of real people to strengthen their market research and advertising activities”, concludes Uday.