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Sundeep Reddy,Director & CEO

Sundeep Reddy

Director & CEO

In today’s RoI driven business world that performs on the digital stage, the challenge for companies is to identify the quick wins and upgrade their marketing strategies to reach their potential customers. When Bangalore-based startup Vahan, whose AI-driven virtual assistant helped businesses automate various aspects of workforce engagement, faced the challenge of reaching out to the blue collar workers in the digital media, which resulted in higher CAC, it turned to Growth Hackers. Growth Hackers refined the existing generic targeting to a very specific audience on multiple channels, created user personas to further understand the target audience’s online psycho-graphic and then quickly started a/b testing the creative and copies. “Growth Hackers quickly jumped on board and instantly helped bring our CAC down by 40 percent. We sensed that they took ownership of our problems as their own,” testifies Madhav Krishna, CEO, Vahan.

This is how Growth Hackers has been helping several companies achieve their target and desired RoI - the two major challenges of the modern day businesses. Their clientele includes Hush, Decathlon, Universal Robots, ICICI Moonwalkr, All for sport, Capital Quotient, Talocity, Four Seven, Hash learn, and many others. If you wonder how, then
pay attention to Sundeep Reddy, Director & CEO, Growth Hackers, “We are good listeners. We try to understand the client’s business and collect as much information as possible about their ideal customer. This helps us target the right audience with relevant messaging, which leads to good RoI”. Unlike others who just execute the campaigns blindly, Growth Hackers channels its passion and team effort to brainstorm disruptive, modern day approaches to reach its audience.

Growth Hackers starts the process by creating user personas that will see value in the product and later target them with the marketing collaterals

The True Growth Partner
Specializing in customized strategies and targeted campaigns, Growth Hackers undertakes a unique approach to address clients’ quandaries. Post in-depth research, it starts the process by creating user personas that will see value in the product and later target them with the marketing collaterals. “Our core focus is to understand the end user and attain growth. Anyone can learn how to use an Ad dashboard or analytics tool, but the real challenge is to decode the ever changing user behaviour and get the messaging right to win their trust and this is exactly where we excel,” explains a proud Sundeep. Hence, despite using an array of tools like Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Audience Insights, Google Analytics, and more, Growth Hackers has the team analyse the data instead of blindly trusting the tools to do a good job.

Creating Expert Minds
According to a survey, the Indian digital marketing industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32 percent to reach Rs.19,000 crore mark by 2020. Despite this growth, Sundeep personally believes that the only way to grow in this fast-paced industry is by providing value to the customers that others don’t offer. Hence, he has created a team of diverse excellence.The company organizes cross collaborative sessions for employees to book a slot of another employee to learn in detail about their craft, thus creating new champions. “We are one of the most disciplined when it comes to work, with no hierarchy. We strongly believe in hiring people with a strong ambition to grow professionally, and take pride in doing great work,” concludes Sundeep. No wonder, the company is experiencing its golden period with 13 percent growth month-on-month.