Highpurple: Focused On Marketing Strategies Driven By Content, Data And Technology

Highpurple ,TeamIn today’s digital world, change is inevitable. Right from direct mail and social media to inbound marketing, digital strategies are evolving day-by-day. Analyzing the endless capabilities such as increase in ROI and lead generation, brands in India are rapidly catching up with the concept of Inbound Marketing. According to HubSpot, 42 percent of companies using inbound marketing increase their lead-to-sale conversion rate. Additionally, over 40 percent of marketers are already doing some form of Inbound Marketing. Cashing in on the rising potential of inbound marketing, Hyderabad based Highpurple leaves no stone unturned in providing compelling and advanced digital strategies for increased customer engagement and business growth.

Team Highpurple comprises of a group of startup entrepreneurs who after spending more than 15 years in the highly competitive yet innovative startups decided to offer consulting services to venture-backed budding businesses. Though there were initial hurdles and setbacks in adapting to the tough world of client agency relationship, the team cleared all the stumbling blocks and optimized their
venture to a great extent through their unique process and technology. Navneet Taori, Co-Founder of Highpurple shares, “We help growth-stage organizations and large enterprises with cutting-edge marketing solutions. We have built strong capabilities in terms of Content Marketing, Search Optimization, Paid Marketing, Analytics, and Marketing Automation. Our marketing solutions include assistance with strategy creation around go-to-market plan, product-market fit, minimum viable segment evaluation, branding, and lead generation to both B2B and B2C segments. We help execute the strategy with a tailored mix of Social, Content, Search, and Email inbound marketing.”

Highpurple is a new-age data and technology driven demand generation firm. Unlike their peer players who follow the traditional and garden-variety of digital strategies, Highpurple avidly aligns marketing with demographic and psychographic profiling of target audience and uses multi-channel marketing messages in line with customer’s buying journey. Focusing equally on B2B and B2C models, the company aims to help businesses with demand generation via Search, Social, and Influencer Channels. Speaking on firm’s unique methodology involved in their offerings, Navneet says, “Our engagement starts with a detailed discovery process to understand our client’s offerings, target audience, competitors, objectives, and challenges.

We create detailed buyer personas that illustrate the profile, pain points, and aspirations of the target audience. We then move on to
creating the optimum channel mix, content strategy, paid marketing strategy, landing pages, testing methodologies, reporting metrics for the client. At Highpurple, we position Creativity, Data and Technology as the core of our offerings.”

While the firm always remains attentive to the use of data and technology at each step of execution, they also try to offer unwavering focus on understanding and achieving the client’s goals. Eventually, the firm has been able to build a versatile clientele which include multinational corporations to venture-backed startups from several verticals like eLearning, Enterprise IT, Cloud Security, eGovernance, Banking Automation, ePublishing, Insurance, and Vocational Training.

Highpurple has set up their branch in Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. Company believes that inbound marketing will take the center stage among all the digital marketing strategies in the coming years. Being an ingenious and visionary firm, Highpurple is striving to keep abreast in Inbound Marketing space. Aditya Samdani, Co-founder of Highpurple adds, “We know that digital space is evolving quickly. So, we’ve set aside 10 percent of our time in updating ourselves with the latest technologies, trends, and best practices. Everyone in the team is encouraged to spend time on updating themselves with the latest developments in the space.” Looking forward, the company aspires to be recognized as one of the most credible consulting firms that brands and marketers reach out for data-driven demand generation strategy and execution roadmap.