IAGMAR: Image, Identity & Integration with a Pinch of Emotional Intelligence

Ranga Acharya,FounderAt the time when most of the digital marketing companies speak of their expertise in digital technologies and count the number of clicks or impressions as their success factors, IAGMAR stands much far from these companies. This marketing-driven company calculates the campaigns success with goals, expectations, analytics, performance, RoI and the brand recall it imprints in the minds of the target audience. With a very straight foot, Ranga Acharya, Founder, IAGMAR, says, “As a fan of marketing subjects, which today is the oxygen to me, I feel digital is killing the core essence of marketing and I want to create that awareness back. Hence we are working on getting the traditional marketing or ad agency ideology into the digital world”.

Walking on this philosophy, the company acts as an end-to-end 360 degree marketing agency with expertise in print, electronic and digital space. IAGMAR’s team consists of some of the experts who were the first few people to use digital platforms and content marketing as digital assets as a tool for promotions and SEO, way back in 2009. Leveraging its 30-year of cumulative experienced advertising team, IAGMAR focuses on integrating all the three channels of communication to give a holistic view to a
company’s branding and image.

What makes the company Unique?
Talking of uniqueness, IAGMAR has not one but several to speak of. Being brand driven and brandfocused and a strong team of inhouse content, design and media team are few of them. “We don’t sell our advertising but we sell our clients products to their clients. We focus on 3Is image, identiy and integration clubbed with emotional intelligence,” explains Ranga. Leveraging one of the best digital marketing setup, IAGMAR uses latest tools to access the strengths of a website, its performance from UI, UX and SEO perspectives. “We look at the website as billboard, a product and a human element, thus we try to make it impulsive, and as interactive as possible with the latest tools,” explains Ranga. The company comprehends that automation is the way ahead and hence with good bots, and digital & analytics teams, IAGMAR is a Cyborg in the business. Apart from following the 4Ps of marketing to the letter of it, the company also dwells more into the core of branding, i.e. 3Is, the STPs and AIDA process and tries fitting the Ps of marketing accordingly.

We look at the website as billboard, a product and a human element, thus we try to make it impulsive, and as interactive as possible with the latest tools

To achieve the desired results, IAGMAR follows a set process where it gives its clients a start point and an end point prior to the start of the campaign or digital marketing with set timelines and expected outcomes. This helps in achieving both the projected organic and paid/sponsored objectives. “The core strategy we follow is awareness, interest, desire and action clubbed with 3Cs(convince, confuse and corrupt),” quips Ranga.

But what makes this maverick run the show with so much perfection? It is his ability to keep himself and the team abreast of all the latest industry developments. This is how the company has grown from one-man show to a 20 people team, that too organically. Currently IAGMAR aims to transform from a digital driven organization to an end-to-end solution market place, where one can walk in and take away a website, digital marketing, content for their website, an ad film, or R&D for their product. It even has blueprint ready to offer events and corporate gifting.