Infiniqe Marketing: Helping Businesses Find Their Brand Language

Preet Shah,CEOMarketing as it was originally intended in its greatest form, is more important today than ever before. The world is awash in innovative services, products, solutions, technologies, business models, and others. Today, innovation alone cannot sustain a company it must be paired with marketing. And Surat based Infiniqe Marketing is an example of one such company that is helping businesses transform into brands, with the right marketing strategy. “We specialize in the art of understanding a brand personality, positioning & work on the visibility side of things,” says Preet Shah, CEO of Infiniqe Marketing. The company not just builds brands but designs Brand language.

"The team at Infiniqe Marketing helps businesses convey their brand language through brand name, brand identity (logo), brand stationery, and in store branding"

The team at Infiniqe Marketing believes that the art of designing tells a story! The company, therefore, opens the gates of imagination and takes its clients on a ride to Brand wonder with its designing hub, where it makes sure that the client's brand language brings out a unique identity in the midst of the hosh posh of the market. "We evaluate the market, map out the risk and understand the competitive analysis. We come up with the right marketing strategy that fits the product and by conceptualizing the content and creativity, We carry it as a value to your vision and work on the brand visibility side of things,"says Preet.

The team at Infiniqe Marketing leverages the 4Cs of concept, content, creativity and communication to help build a stellar brand identity for its clients.Infiniqe Marketing with its principle of innovative marketing never stops building better ways to develop products and markets.

Infiniqe Marketing's Offerings
The services offered at Infiniqe Marketing include, first, Brand designing. The team at
Infiniqe Marketing helps businesses convey their brand language through brand name, brand identity(logo), brand stationery and in store branding.Second Strategic Marketing Consultancy, through this service, Infiniqe Marketing helps its clients study analytics and prepare a customized marketing plan that will work for them. Third, Social Media Marketing the company helps create a consistency that yields optimum results. Social Media Marketing is an integral part of Digital Marketing Strategy. The company therefore helps clients create a consistency that yields optimum results."There is a lot more to explore as an entrepreneur than just uploading content on Facebook, Instagram and other channels,"adds Preet.

The team at Infiniqe Marketing leverages the 4Cs of concept content, creativity and communication to help build a stellar brand identity for its clients

Fourth, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Google, as a search engine provides an open platform to target the audience and survive in the competition with a listing of websites that show up in the hierarchy and get an unusual reach. This can get tricky but with Infiniqe's choice of keywords, upgrading algorithms and digital marketing clients get the right optimization strategies. Fifth, Google ads, Infiniqe Marketing provides ample backhand with e-mail marketing and SEO, to fetch great results.

Sixth, Web Development the company provides services such as UI/UX designs, Dynamic corporate website, Static informative website, and e-Commerce website, and app development. Websites are an exact reflection of a brand and function as the identity in the virtual world. The World Wide Web provides the right stage to elevate the business and its identity. Seventh, PR services, includes services such as Content based ads, Usage of word of mouth strategies, Hoardings, Brochures, flyers, Newspaper Ads, Video ads and Jingles and Commercial or Brand promoting ads. According to the basics of the language, Listening and Reading are the parts that capture the mind in the first instance. One of the most essential tools to develop a brand's image and awareness, videos are a medium that yields exact results, more than any other form of communi cation. Lastly, Product Photoshoot, Infiniqe Marketing helps businesses with a portrayal in the right marketing plan and brings out the best of creativity through them.

The team at Infiniqe Marketing understands that the major key of any product and its success lies with its consumers. Since its inception, the company has therefore focused on understanding the client's target audience, focusing on the consumer behavior to how well the product shall do. The company creates the most fruitful approach through marketing and then helps its clients make changes in the sales part of it to attract the maximum customers.

Due to Covid-19, there has been a huge growth in digital platforms and Infiniqe Marketing has leveraged the same. Since its establishment, the company has worked toward brand enhancement for major FMCG companies. The company has its own CRM system and ready made plugins to track the performance of its clients' businesses. Going forward the company wishes to excel in the field of advertisement and plant its footprints in cities across India.