Insignia Communications: India's First Healthcare MPO Firm With Unrivalled Proficiency In Every Area

Vijay Lokhande ,Founder & CEO

Vijay Lokhande

Founder & CEO

Businesses today often find it challenging to strategize and acquire an edge over their competitors due to the rapidly occurring innovations and changing consumer demands. MPOs could provide companies with a strategic market advantage by improving efficiency at a reduced cost. MPOs have seen significant growth over the past 10 to 15 years, and are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.4 percent from 2023 to 2030.

Insignia Communications, which began as a medico marketing company in 2009, has over time developed into India's first Healthcare Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO). By leveraging Insignia’s expertise of specialized medico-marketing teams, pharmaceutical companies can focus on their core competencies and achieve better results. Insignia helps pharmaceutical companies centralize both data and execution across various functions such as medical communication, digital marketing, strategy planning, clinical research, (and more) in keeping up with the growing demands of stakeholders such as clinicians and patients.

Insignia provides a bouquet of services like patient support programs, CME management, CRM software, realworld studies, medical content writing, software development, digital marketing, and brand communication solutions for pharmaceutical companies. These MPO services of Insignia Communications are created to guarantee scalable plans across stakeholders, to capture
insights, to ensure need-based medico marketing, to provide tools for customer relationship management, and more.

Operational Excellence
Insignia Communications always creates immersive content in its digital assets, wherein, the doctor can access specific data and furthermore utilize emailers as a supportive tool. Insignia also specializes in customized app creation for each healthcare stakeholder. Insignia utilizes its inhouse Omni channel, which is rooted in customer centrism and insights to execute high-delivery campaigns, including sending information to stakeholders and channel engagement on WhatsApp and SMS. Insignia also works as a CME vendor and conducts CMEs for its pharmaceutical clients.

Data security is critical in Realworld studies, CRM, and Omnichannel marketing (all of which include patient information). Insignia Communications ensures all data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Its licensures are audited on a global scale and comply with EUGDPR standards. Insignia’s deep-rooted healthcare expertise and highly skilled team help pharmaceutical companies to be costeffective, to have access to expertise not available in-house, to create sustainable, consistent, and scalable brand identities, and to ensure timely delivery of campaigns.

India’s leading healthcare MPO partner that enables clients’ success by providing them the winning strategic market advantage

The company has been steadily adding services to its portfolio since its inception in 2009. Launched as a medico-marketing agency providing branding solutions it has evolved into an MPO with the addition of Patient Support Program execution, CRM center, Distribution center, Real-world studies, and Digital marketing apart from medical content writing and brand communications. As a result, its principal clients right now include leading pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, Sun Pharma, Abbott, Cipla, Sanofi, and Lupin.

Looking at the Future
“In the future, we want to create an innovative global industry-wide outsourcing model. To fructify this vision, we have started operations in the Middle East with an office in Dubai in 2022 and are looking to geographically expand into the Singapore and UK markets in 2023. Insignia further plans to capitalize on its strength of ITES and social media marketing to enter allied segments such as medical devices and nutraceuticals. These are the future plans of Insignia", concludes Vijay Lokhande, CEO.