Introspective Market Research: Helping Businesses With Relevant Insights For Success

Swati Kalagate,  Managing Director

Swati Kalagate

Managing Director

Running a business needs various tools-one of the major ones being knowing about your customers, market, competition and systems, without which money and efforts go wasted. To enable effective decisions that will help grow businesses and let them use their resources intelligently is to put effort towards market research. Having a deep knowledge about target customers is essential where you understand their goals, values and needs to effectively target them. Market research gives that hard data that enables effective marketing strategy.

Uniquely positioned in this space is Introspective Market Research, a technocratic market research and consulting company that provides comprehensive and data-driven market insights. They are experts in demand analysis and estimation of multi domain industries with encyclopedic competitive and landscape analysis. Also, their in-depth macroeconomic analysis gives a bird's eye view of a market to their clients. They are specialized in competitive benchmarking which is a predominant factor in market research. Their in-depth knowledge of various industries, modern methodologies, and rich access to an authentic global database delivers syndicated and custom research requirements. According to Swati Kalagate, Managing Director “Our subscription based analysis provides quarterly updated reports which are entirely customized according to the client's needs. One-on one analyst assistance adds value to our dedicated services and our brand stands firmly in the global market.

“Introspective Market Research provides a variety of services to clients including,
Syndicated Research, Custom Research, Macro-economic Analysis, Consulting Services, Competitive Benchmarking and Subscription based Analysis. Having worked in over 200 projects, their most common areas of service involve market estimation, key market players, penetration of given service/product in a particular region, market dynamics, sales in terms of volume & units, and regional regulatory policy framework. However no matter the complexity of a client requirement, Introspective Market Research deals with each project with efficiency, transparency and dedication. For market estimation, advanced excel is leveraged to evaluate forecasted estimations, and to evaluate the sales of a product, surveys( electronics and paper based) are conducted. Even though competitiveness in the market research industry has seen significant growth recently, Introspective Market Research has remained competitive with their collective experience and information depositories. They offer several highly competitive benchmarking analyses like Ansoff Matrix, BCG Matrix, Key Player SWOT analysis, and Price Trend Analysis which demonstrates a thorough understanding of strategies that are being employed by major market players.

The changing dynamics in this industry propels Introspective Market Research to stay on top of The latest technological trends and they do it by Leveraging AI, Big Data, Advanced Microsoft and Google Analytics

Introspective Market Research is constantly keeping up with the latest technological trends by using AI, Big Data, and advanced Microsoft and Google Analytics tools. IMR, along with Panasonic (Japan), provided relevant insights to build substantial business expansion globally. Moreover, the IMR team offered MEMs industry data regarding current new market technologies to help clients meet their requirements.To understand the emerging technologies, introduction, and market research analysis for MEMs market, regional and segmental insights for the prioritizations, and strategic decision making regarding business growth were some of the other significant issues and requirements that were addressed during the engagement. In addition to this, IMR worked with Banco do Brasil S/A (Brazil) to provide data that helped their client understand the cancellation rate of various policies and, as a result, helped them structure new policies in accordance with the needs of their customer. The client of the company was able to comprehend how insurance policies were retained, renewed, and canceled in accordance with the various segments, which aided in the development of insurance policies that fulfilled the requirements of his clients in the country of Brazil.

The future is bright for IMR. They are looking to expand to new countries and also develop as a management consulting firm in the next two years. Only the sky's the limit.