Justwords: Delivering Unexpected, Bold And Above All Relevant Digital Journeys

Payel Mukherjee,Founder & CEO

Payel Mukherjee

Founder & CEO

Justwords is one of the pioneering names in the Indian digital marketing realm. The agency has been around since 2010 and has been helping a wide array of clients with their content production, digital marketing, SEO-driven marketing strategy. Their motto is crafting exceptional digital journeys by offering unique solutions that help businesses connect with their audience and achieve real visibility and growth. The agency is always motivated by the passion to deliver better results for their clients and hates doing the boring stuff. Armed with a decade of experience, they have built a set of processes that works.

Making that magic happen is a team of brilliant and effective digital marketers, strategists, content developers, editors, designers, SEO and data analysts. There is a shared passion for creating better marketing strategies, adapt newer SEO techniques, enable better content experiences. More than anything, the team never forgets to learn and observe with humility, and deliver the best solution in the interest of their clients. It's this passion to learn, innovate and adapt that has helped them on top of their game and create a unique entity in the industry.

Having that kind of experience, stability and maturity on board has also helped them to win the confidence of clients who bank on Just-words to deliver the most complicated of projects. The agency has managed to
maintain an impressive list of clienteles that includes companies from different industry verticals.

When asked about their inception story and the services offered by Justwords, Payel Mukherjee, founder and CEO, says, "In 2010, the content industry was still in its infancy and Justwords was born out of the idea of doing content better. We wanted to re-imagine content and offer better services for brands that wanted online content.

The idea was to also educate brands on how good content could play an important role in improving business and brand visibility online. By 2012, we were drawn towards the SEO-led content marketing. The whole idea that content could be used to educate and build trust among the audience and pull them back to buy from a brand was amazing. We started creating more of 10x content that was then put to work through SEO and other digital marketing techniques and get a business what they wanted ­ organic traffic and growth.

Today, we are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our speciality is providing SEO-driven content marketing. This includes everything from content production, design, con-tent marketing, content distribution, omni channel and multi-channel SEO services, content optimization services, and social media marketing."

The Team Never Forgets To Learn And Observe With Humility, And Deliver The Best Solution In The Interest Of Their Clients

Adding what separates them from the rest, Payel states, "We have been in the game for 10 years and the biggest reason for that is our ability to work hard and nimble, learn, train and adapt. We try to work with brands and people who inspire us and that is how we keep advancing our craft and doing some really cool stuff. We hate doing the normal boring stuff and that is why we work as a team to come up with the best of ideas. We are united in our passion to create really-great marketing experiences and what we offer to our clients in terms of value proposition is quite unique. We also do not think ourselves as an agency. We like to understand the brand re-ally well and then operate as an ex-tension of the brand.''

In the future, Justwords wants to be able to share more of the knowledge with those wanting to learn, offer free courses to startups, as well as integrate more of AI into our digital offerings.