Kairos Solutions: An Integrated Marketing Approach to Help Clients Build Brand Presence

Ganesh Lakshmanan, Founder & CEO

Ganesh Lakshmanan, Founder & CEO

In the traditional approach to marketing, businesses deploy different vendors who plan separate campaigns for advertising, direct marketing and many others, which can lead to disorientation among the stakeholders, not to mention the loss of time and capital invested in ramifications of the existing differences. On the other hand, integrated campaigns use the same communication tools, but in an integrative manner where each action, instead of working against the business orientation, reinforces it towards a common goal. Mumbai-based Kairos Solutions understands this unification and helps companies create unique brand identities through its proactive integrated marketing expertise.

Ganesh Lakshmanan, Founder & CEO, Kairos Solutions, states, “We undertake turnkey projects from concept to execution and beyond to a physical level, where we ensure that our engagement platform is built towards bonding a partnership between our clients and their consumers”. Among the
many cases is Dräger. Kairos helped this German medical device company to infiltrate the Indian grass root level market through its cognitive and integrated marketing approach, where it conceptualized, pitched and executed 15 events to establish a connection between the two.

"The one-on-one interaction with its clients helped Kairos realize the gap with respect to a holistic marketing campaigning"

Novel Standpoint
A pioneer in healthcare technology marketing, Kairos Solutions is a new member of this niche industry, but has an accumulated experience as a customer service management provider to affluent clients like Cadbury, Castrol, and many others. The one-on-one interaction with its clients helped Kairos realize the gap with respect to a holistic marketing campaigning. Further understanding the imperative need to provide an assorted service, Kairos entered the domain of integrated marketing comprising events, & conferences call center, digital marketing, and web & mobile platform designing.

As a part of the branding technique, Kairos reaches-out to the clients’ target audience via relevant content management, event management and reputation management strategies, where it focuses on high ROI in the form of bringing in traffic for the client. While organizing event management campaign, its team also put up stalls, keeping in mind their clients’ brand, their
requirement, their participation, and the target audience. The branding technique is also supported via the company’s mobile & web application services, where it creates unparalleled UI/UX designs to enhance customer engagement and user engagement. One of the biggest SMS integrators in India with robust sales support with the help of its call center, Kairos plays an integral role in helping clients achieve targets via mobile marketing as well.

Harbouring a sound knowledge about the meditech industry, Kairos understands the dire need to digitize medical records with remote accessibility. With our in-house technology team based in Nagpur, We have built My Medi Rep which takes the cake as one of the best medical platforms that ease the concept of Medical Data Storing & Accessibility by digitizing the medical records and connecting patients with hospitals, doctor & nurses and vice versa. Available on play store, My Medi Rep is crafted with respect to different Indian cities and is reinforced with relevant content & knowledge repository, added by senior doctors of that city, a senior official at KPMG, and a senior member at Dräger, with expertise in critical care management. “We will continue to innovate My Medi Rep, and with our 25 percent YOY revenue, we are hopeful about bringing in new innovations to the Kairos platform,” concludes Ganesh.