Maqlaim Marketing Solutions: Bringing In The Requisite Expertise And End-To-End Capability For Brand And Demand Services

L K Pathak,Director

L K Pathak


Integrated marketing communications is an approach that companies use through various communication networks to brand and organize their marketing activities. Companies have also used integrated marketing communications to create more cost-effective approaches that still generate high customer-value, as marketing activities have moved from mainstream advertising to niche marketing.

Established in 2019, Maqlaim Marketing Solutions is an integrated marketing solution company, specialized in providing services in B2B-space for technology companies. The company believes in doing thorough situational analysis as each company operates in a unique space with its brand-worth and makes an insight-based sustainable integrated marketing plan to bring consistency aligned to its business-goals.

Maqlaim Marketing Solutions, working as partners for companies, offers communication as a service, providing the required experience and end-to-end capabilities for brand and demand-services. L K Pathak, Director, Maqlaim Marketing Solutions says, "We do complete marketing asset-creation, devise media-plan to bring consistent visibility and represent the companies for the media, analysts and trade-body relations and business-activation. We have a dedicated team to work on insight-gathering and business-activation through various tools and techniques."
Quadrant Approach
The entire sphere of the work for the company Maqlaim Marketing Solutions stands on 4 quadrants' approach to work for both, Brand and Demand (Business Activation) for its clients. Content, Visibility, Thought Leadership and Business Scalability Support are the 4 quadrants.

Maqlaim Marketing Solutions conducts intensive research to identify key trends, understand the product-features, amidst the competitive landscape, core values and the business-impacts. All of these nuances form the basis for a creditable marketing pitch which they articulate and optimize to drive meaningful and compelling messages and to make a connect to the audiences. The company always tries to focus on coherence in content across all the channels or platforms to bring out a unified projection of brands.

The next priority area of the company is to achieve Thought Leadership, which goes a long way as a transformative strategy to bring credibility to the brands. Needless to say, this is done by defining the purpose of the brand and demonstrating how goods and services offer consumers positive results or what issues they solve. Doing it consistently brings a tremendous amount of confidence and loyalty and is also seen in the given area as a disruptive business. Maqlaim Marketing Solutions dives deeply to understand its customers' business-problems and growth-opportunities to create personalized business-activation strategies, in order to generate demands and achieve both, long-term and current business-goals.

Maqlaim Marketing Solutions Recognizes Marketing Gaps
The company strongly feels that marketing should be treated as an integral part of an organization, irrespective of its size. Further L K Pathak adds, "We see a lot of start-ups and even mid-level companies struggling to align marketing with their business-goals and resorting to casual or reactionary approach. Then, there are companies with sizeable budget but they don't have a systematic plan and mechanism to measure the effectiveness or impact to the business or the overall brand worth."

The company is currently involved and working on a long-term basis with some of the major names, in digital infrastructure, IT and telecom-space. In order to live up to the enormity of their brands and place them in an eco-system, dominated by large national and foreign players, Maqlaim Marketing Solutions creates detailed communication-plans for them.

Maqlaim Marketing Solutions looks forward to creating values and bringing quantifiable results for its clients with long-term engagements. The company would focus on building teams and follow the best brand-practices. With this measured approach, the company would move ahead, retaining its current clients and adding new businesses.