Max Solutions Co: A Top Agency Providing A One-Stop Solution In Digital & Traditional Advertising

Siddhartha Sthitapragyan,CEOFor both B2C and B2B businesses, Integrated Marketing Communication is essential, the purpose of integrated communication is to build and maintain a healthy mutual relationship with the client. This is especially important for retaining brand value because before, during, and after a purchase or service, modern consumers expect to be able to communicate with brands. IMC creates the relationships that generate brands and IMC is consumer-centered, which means, by considering customer input, it emphasizes meeting the needs of the target market.

Established in 2013, Max Solutions offers the complete range of solutions right from the start of making of a logo, stationery, signages, packaging, to designing the complete Print/OOH to Digital Content creation to Digital promotions which are Practical & effective. The company believes that Brand Consulting has value when they don't only sell the vision to a Client ­ but also can produce and give results, so their portfolio ensures to provide full-scale services.

Also as it is a known fact that in today's changing market trends, innovation requires customization of communications and conceptual origination which attracts and
creates a wow-factor for the regional audience of larger brands when they need a regional connection, while Max Solutions incorporates the entire campaign. Siddhartha Sthitapragyan, CEO, Max Solutions says, “When a customer signs us, we are confident that we will be able to take their brand a notch higher than the competitors. We also end up saving the consumer time and money by offering ideal, practical & customized solutions that work magic on returns and brand recall."

An Array Of Services
Max Solutions takes up a brand and tells the client that it now belongs to them, though they are being hired as an 'Agency'. The clients clearly understand that the company works with their brand as its partner ­ so the team is briefed to take ownership as if it's their own and needs to be taken care of and nurtured accordingly. Max Solutions Co has an illustrious clientele' with Amul, Odisha FC, Nalco, and some regional heavyweights.

Max solutions offers the complete range of solutions right from the start of making of a logo, stationery, signages, packaging, to designing the complete print/ooh to digital content creation to digital promotions which are practical & effective

Further, Siddhartha Sthitapragyan elucidates their process, "A tentative budget of a Client is a start. One then looks over mediums to optimize. While large Brands definitely want integrated campaigns, smaller brands benefit well with an integrated Digital campaign with multiple footprints over Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Google Keyword & Display to YouTube campaigns. The mass in Social Media has become so big that it also allows us to run complete campaigns with teasers, countdowns to promo campaigns".

Max Solutions Co has been a recipient of Times Business Award and Best in Service Category by Odisha Association of MSME. It is also an Empanelled Agency of Rourkela Smart City (Govt. of Odisha).

"We are currently helping open one of the largest Health Lifestyle brand in Odisha, from the Logo to its ERP Software with Billing to its E-Commerce site will be done by us. The teasers of it have begun at `Health on Top", concludes Siddhartha Sthitapragyan.