Maxima Experiential Marketing India: Strategic Experiential Marketing Agency, Targeting Rural Demography

   Chetan Mishra,       Group Head

Chetan Mishra

Group Head

Consumer engagement has gained a lot of direct perspective in the recent past as a tactical tool for conversions. Participatory experiences connect the brand directly to the consumer and thus becomes easier to communicate and transfer brand values to the customer. Experiential marketing refers to this consumer engagement through participatory experiences. It is an opportunity for consumers to interact with the brand on a personal level thus helping the brands to enhance and complement their initiatives. The market has realized the importance of this alternative mode of marketing and startups are sure enough to adapt and strategize as per the convention states. Established in 2011, Maxima Experiential Marketing India is a new-age marketing and branding agency that offers brand activation, Experiential marketing, Branding & Digital Media solutions to Brands & corporates. “We create and implement creative campaigns with our belief in interactive engagement with the target groups across a multitude of touch points” , says Chetan, the Group head at Maxima.

Backed by Research and Domain Expertise
Maxima offers a creative approach while delving deeper into the marketing tactics for an enhanced experience at the customer’s end. The concept may sound simpler but a lot of research goes into making this happen.

The primary aspect is understanding the brands and their prospects with the end consumer. The loopholes need to be adjusted to perfected with strategic inputs to engage the consumer positively and ensure that he keeps engaging with the brand for eternity. Consumer loyalty is the ultimate goal of a successful strategy. Secondly, the market dynamics play a strong role in formulating a game-changer strategy that helps beyond experience. A particular strategy may prove its worth at a given point but the dynamic environment of changing trends might fail at another attempt. Next, comes the target groups that the strategy needs to be focused on, and chasing the exact motive becomes a part of a perfect strategy. “The key is to ensure your goals, metrics, and strategy are sound before starting any experiential marketing campaign. We always Integrate, Strategic & tactical aspects of Activation, Experiential marketing& Digital media solution through creative conceptualization and execution with utmost perfection & due diligence, backed with a deep Understanding of the brands, market dynamics & respective target groups and domain expertise”, says Chetan.

Maxima acquires all the capabilities and beyond to help brands outreach the target customer and target consumer loyalty

Targeting Rural Demography with Strategic Inputs
The word ‘MAXIMA’ is an amalgamation of basically all that the company does, targets, and beyond. ‘M’ stands for Mileage and addresses all the challenges that need to be targeted for a key rural demographic. ‘A’ stands for Ace and is an understanding of the urban population and the aspects aligned such as culture, tastes, beliefs, trends, etc. ‘X’ stands for Xhibits and offers complete strategic and tactical solutions to brands in Events, Exhibitions, Conferences, and other related activities & Events. ‘I stands for Integra and focuses on innovation and creativity along all aspects of experiential marketing. ‘M’ stands for Magnify and focuses onmarket research and competitive landscaping. ‘A’ stands for Ambiance and highlights that branding is an amalgamation of art and science, art that requires creativity & expertise, and sciences that require in-depth knowledge & understanding.

Serving with the ‘Client First’ policy, Maxima leads in taking ownership of the projects and the capacity to execute them. The future lies in venturing into digital acquisition to reach out to rural clients through online and offline modes.