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 Ayushi Arora,    Founder & CEO

Ayushi Arora

Founder & CEO

Information is spreading faster than ever today. Digitization has made it easier for consumers to access the brand, but it has exposed the brand to all sorts of factors that could damage or even destroy it. Negative online reviews, poor content, and simply not paying attention to what your viewers say can make or break your brand. This is where reputation management steps in. A brand must invest in a robust reputation management plan to send a strong message of credibility. Companies don’t have to be enthusiastic about what the internet says about services and practices, but it’s crucial to promote content that conveys the image you need. According to research, the global online reputation management services market is growing profoundly and is estimated to increase to a whopping $567.63 million, registering a CAGR of 15.36 percent by 2027. Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of PR and ORM agencies, Media Corridors is a name worth mentioning. This brainchild of Ayushi Arora was established in 2015 to engage media influencers that connect you to your customers and investors through the art of modern dialogue so your business can grow, get highlighted in the media, and prosper. Today, Media Corridors functions as a global PR/ORM agency streamlining effective and transparent media conversation for several corporate companies and helping startups focus on employee communication.
Ayushi firmly believes that PR is a blend of media relations, community relations, crisis communications, public affairs, social media communications, and employee communications. By putting all elements together at par with the latest trends and cutting-edge technology, the agency offers the perfect content of PR services to its clients spread across India and some other significant parts of the world. “I pitch to three different types of businesses - one that understands PR. Second, those who have a PR agency but are unsatisfied with the services they are receiving and are looking for better service. Third, who do not understand PR but requires PR. The third category consists mainly of startups, and this is where we devote time to image briefing the new age entrepreneurs and be confident in articulting to their brand message to the media ,” says Ayushi. Trust takes time, and Media Corridors focuses on its PR offerings to help its clients gain trust and bridge the communication gap between its target audiences that they aspire to reach. This has always been consistent in all three types of businesses and clients that the agency ever had.

Focused on being client-centered therapists, Media Corridors go the extra mile to understand and solve their clients’ problems

Focused on being client-centered therapists, Media Corridors go the extra mile to understand and solve their clients’ problems. The team sits down with its clients and has an open and honest conversation understanding their business models, pain points, recent milestones achieved, and more. Ayushi believes that each client requires a different approach as a solution. Therefore, depending on the nature of a client’s business, there is always a different strategy, which Media Corridors adores. The team helps companies increase their reach until an optimum extent. They help their clients attract and retain the best talent through stronger employer branding. Media Corridors also help companies get projected as the most relevant and sought-after company in this space to come into the limelight of investors. It also helps clients win the right recognition. “We’re riding the tech tidal wave. It’s not by chance that I’ve focused on just working with deep tech clients. I hope and believe that soon, I’ll be able to go from being merely a woman entrepreneur to being a woman tech entrepreneur,” she concludes.